Tuesday, June 12, 2007


1. Philadelphia 1993
2. Forrest Gump 1994
3. Apollo 13 1995

You all came up with some greaties that I'd forgotten. Taylor would like to remind you of the 1986 classic, The Money Pit, with the lovely Ms. Shelley Long. I would like to remind you of the 1989 classic, The 'Burbs. Ah, so good. If you'd like to see a whole list of Tom Hanks' greatness, click here.

Now, for today's trivia. Did you know that Taylor is a dreamboat? Did you know that last night he took me to see Tim and Faith? I know! Tomorrow I'll post all about it. It was AMAZING and I think I might become a SOUL2SOUL deadhead.

For your questions...

1. Do you know how Tim and Faith met?
2. Do you know when they got married?
3. Do you know how many children they have?
4. Do you know what their kids' names are?
5. What's your favorite Tim, Faith, or Tim&Faith song?


Emily said...

I had to read Faith's bio for these answers, which was an absolute pleasure. She and Tim met when they did a Spontaneous Combustion Tour together in 1996. They got married in October of '96. They have three girls whose names are (oldest to youngest,) Gracie, Maggie and Audrey -- cute southern names, if you ask me.

And Hmmmm, a favorite song...I think my fave of hers is actually a duet that she did with the writer of "Cry," Angie Aparo (brought to my attention by my lovely friend, b. of igottab.blogspot.com fame.) It is BREATHTAKING! Paste this link in your browser and GO LISTEN!

kate said...

Oh I want to be a country rockstar with Mark. If only we could sing. Dang. After hearing and seeing your pictures from your concert date last night, I am convinced that if I could choose to come back to life in another world, I would choose to be like TimandFaith. I mean, travel around on your sweet bus, with your cute kids, and cute husband, see lots of the world and kiss your husband on stage while you sing romantic songs...FUN!

In my dream world...I know their girls names...Gracie, Audrey, and Maggie....ok that's cuz I cheated. You know. So many favs, my new one is I need You. That's cute.

I forgot the rest of the questions. Ooops. Well it was fun to leave this comment anyway! love you

lori said...

three kids! Thanks for the give away, Anne! ;) Can't wait to hear all the detials!!

Anna said...

I didn't even know that they were married. That is probably because I have avoided country music since I was a kid. Not because it is bad. It's ‘cause when I was a kid I thought that I was destined to become a country singer when I grew up, and that it would be the only thing that I was good at! HA! Yea right! Now I see that maybe in my dreams I could be a famous singer. Anyway I avoided country music like crazy. (I actually like country music now.) This isn't about me though...

I found out that the answer to number 3 is three girls!!!

Traci said...

Wow Tay, you are a charmer aren't you? ps LOVE the Money Pit and I can't believe that I forgot that one.
Ok, Trivia Tuesday, here we go!
1. They met when Faith was opening for Tim on Tour.
2. They got married in 1994? (thats a guess)
3. They have two girls I think, maybe three.
4. Ohhh, I can't remember their names but I remember thinking they are cute.
5. I think "It's Your Love" Is my favorite song they sing together. Gives me chills!

Anne Marie!!!!! I am so stinkin' jealous of you! You better spill all the details!

danielle said...

Ok 1. They met while touring, or because they sang together or something. 2. No, but I know that Tim proposed on stage at a concert. 3. They have three girls. 4. Gracie is the only name I know. 5. Favorite Tim song is a tie between Indian outlaw and the bbq stain on my white t-shirt one. Favorite Faith song I am going to have to say is the theme from "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas"--"Where Are you Christmas?" Favorite Tim and Faith song is of course "Let's make Love, although it's slightly tainted be the fact that I once totally made out with Luke Buchstaber while listening to it on repeat....why was I so LAME!!

Remember when we used Alex Vrtiska's box at the Rose Garden to see Tim??? that was fun.

Anne said...

OK so I am working on a post all about it--and it's turning out to be a little lengthy--so I'll get it done as soon as I can, but IKEA is calling...

liz said...

I didn't know any of these answers -- country music definitely not one of my areas of expertise -- but wanted you to know that around Lakeview yesterday, I was thinking, "I'm totally missing trivial Tuesday!"

Emily said...

I am waiting, w-a-i-t-i-n-g, i tell you, for the concert post. just so you know...

Jill said...


These are total guesses and I am way late with my comments but when the hay is on, the hay is on and I was bucking hay!.

1. I bet they met in some greesy, dark bar where Faith was half dressed singing on stage and Tim was drinking a cold one wanting to meet this hot betty afterward!
2. They got married in my birthday month of October possibly? Year---ummmmm let's guess 1996 cause that is my wedding year.
3. Kids? Faith has had kids? Well, I can believe that because Anne Hall get's even hotter after Baby#1! I just get blubbery! Well, let's say 2 boys(of course born with the greatest chest hair and pecks anyone could dream of) and 2 girls(with legs that don't end!)!
4. Favorite Song? Well, I like a lot of their music but couldn't name a tune if my life counted on it.

And Anne, you are Faith Hill!