Saturday, June 9, 2007

Dear Kate,

Tonight I felt like telling the whole world wide web that I think you're supercool (yes, that's all one word). This is what I’m going to say:

Here’s what I love about Kate. She and I have been friends for fourteen years. She helps herself to the contents of my fridge. We laugh hysterically as we reminisce about our teenage antics (you know, like driving by the high school baseball fields to look at the boys and making hemp necklaces as fast as our fingers could weave them and dreaming about marrying boys named Taylor and Mark. Note: We did marry boys named Taylor and Mark, just different ones than we’d thought at age 15). And she takes me out for bruschetta when I’m feeling miserable and don’t want to emerge from my bed. I could go on. And on. But do you know what I love the most about Kate tonight? This voice mail I just received:
(Kate, in a whispery voice):
“Hi, it’s Kate. I’m at Barnes&Noble right now and I’m in the bathroom and the girl in the stall next to me has your shoes. Your polka-dotted flats. So I’m just wondering if you’re here. Is it you?”

I hope you don’t mind. I just think you’re a hoot and one heck of a loyal friend, so I thought everyone should know.



lori said...

That warmed my heart and made me laugh! What FUN, great people you are, Anne and Kate!

kate said...

Thanks for all the kind words and a post about me, I feel so special!!

I figured the chances it was you were pretty slim since why would you be at the Barnes&Noble up north? I called because mostly I wanted to make you giggle...and don't worry, I checked everyone's shoes just to make sure! Ummm, how 'bout a bruschetta date before I leave??? Now that would make me happy!!

and I'm so happy that we married our Taylor and Mark, and thank goodness it's not Pollei or Fetzer! (I'm giggling right now!)

Emily said...

I wish there could be more posts like this -- that exist for the sole purpose of celebrating someone's goodness! So sweet. This makes me miss you both, Anne and Kate. Hugs.

Sugar... said...

Anne, you are telepathic. We must have been thinking of similar things when we posted. By the way, Kate, were you actually in the stall whispering as the girl next to you was doing her thing? I hope so, cause that makes me laugh even harder!

Traci said...

The mental picture this story cast in my mind is too much for my stomach muscles to handle!! HA I love you guys. Thanks Anne and Kate for the ab workout!
Love and miss you both!

kira said...

Great friends make you life so much better. We just moved and I'm trying to find myself some great friends that live closer to me...wish me luck!

danielle said...

this made me laugh...I can totally see Kate doing that! One of the funniest things I ever got on my voivemail was a message from Kate after she got a haircut she was not too fond of...she was half lauging and half crying and I could hardly understand anything she was saying...I thought something really bad had happened. Anyway, it was funny.