Sunday, June 3, 2007

Blaine's World

Guest Blogger: Blaine Tanner Cropper, age 13 months

Dear friends and family, I thought you might want to know what I've been up to lately.

In April, my Auntie Becca and cousin Eliza came to visit. I poked Eliza in the eye once, but am learning to be more gentle. See?

Also in April, my Aunt Sally (Sara) graduated from BYU. Congratulations, Aunt Sally! I hope you're having fun in Alaska, but do you know what? I MISS YOU!!!!!!

Did you know that I just turned one?! On May 1st. It was super! I got to open some presents. Here I am opening a big box of gifts from my family in Ohio. Thanks, Nana Cookie, Old Nana, and Auntie Holly! As you can see, I really enjoyed playing in the packing popcorn.

I also really love my presents. I sleep with my monkey every night. Thanks to everyone for your generous (I know--big word for a one-year-old!) birthday gifts.

A few days after my real birthday, I had a little BBQ party. It was a hoot! Here I am tasting my first sugar ever.


I love my birthday!

The funny part is, after licking up all the frosting, I tried a bite of the cupcake. Blech! I threw it on the ground!

One of my new favorite things to do is sit in this bottom drawer where my mom and dad keep the dish towels. They make a nice pillow for my bum.

It's also handy to stand in the drawer, because it works like a step stool, and I can play with my toys in the next drawer up.

I also enjoy snuggling with the towels. I'm a good snuggler.

Did you know that yesterday I ate an entire bean burrito all by myself? OOOOOH yum, I love bean burritos. Mom thinks it's because she ate Mexican food nontsop when I was swimming around in her tummy.

Here's what I love: Being outside! I could spend all day outside! When I am tired of being in our little apartment, I pat my hands on the door and whine so Mom and Dad know that it's time to get out! Here I am in Great Grandma's yard. I LLLLOOOOVVVVVEEEE Great Grandma! Today at church I saw her accross the aisle and started waving to her and yelling for her!

I helped Mom and Dad plant some veggies and flowers at Gram's.
Hmmm...what's this?

Oh, I can tell by smelling it that it's a tomatillo plant...

All this gardening makes me hot. I have to strip down to my skivvies. (By the way, as you can see here, I have given up crawling. I am now running circles around my parents!)

I think I need to play in the hose.

All that water play makes me tired.

I hope you are all happy and healthy and loving the spring time! I miss you and love you!!!!



kate said...

OH Blaine is growing up so fast!! And he is sooooooo cute!!! I hope we have a girl so he can have a girlfriend...but then again if it is a boy he can have a buddy...but then again we are moving so I guess it wont hoo ;(

Tanner said...

Simon said, "can we read it again?" He also said, "I want to say to baby Blaine, he has such cute pictures."

Tanner said...

Sorry, that was Melis again, and so is this

themother said...

Great pics and I love the narration. You put it all together--shots of ordinary stuff--and it all seems so endearing and invites us in. Thanks Anne. Of course your subject matter is rather stupendous. When oh when will you bring the little tike "home"?
ps. in your "teaser" email you said to look on your Mrs Cropper site, but then I had to go searching and found them here. Glad I found them, but some might not--you might want to clarify with another email.
They were well worth the treasure hunt.

Beth said...

Ahhh, I just can't believe how adorable he is!! All of that blonde hair! Our babies are really growing up! Thanks for sending me this link finally, I love that I can get my "Annabell" fill when I need it....I miss you like crazy!!

Emily said...

The tomatillo sniffing picture is my funny. maybe he got his grandpa roger's green thumbs :) I love Blaine-Blogs, most entertaining and most darling.

lori said...

Blaine! You are too cute!
Lucy missed throwing toys around the cultural hall with you at church yesterday! Hope you've had a good weekend!

liz said...

I am tuning in from Rozanne's computer. Man, all those pictures take a long time to load. We've got to get her high speed! We're having so much fun and wish you were here!

Traci said...

Ok, if Kate has a girl there is going to be competition. :) He's such a little man, he's adorable. Can't wait to see him again. Oh yeah, and you and Taylor too :)! What a busy boy he is. I love the picture of the two of you in the kitchen. Very Cute!

Jill said...

Aunt Jill is very impressed with your vocabulary Blaine, but then again, you are a Cropper/Hall baby and are born with insta-smarts. Blaine, we miss you. Sophie wants to hold you, Lizzie wants to show you her butterfly she caught today, Andrew wants to know why he is not in a picture with you, and Ethan, well, Ethan wishes he could compare legs again. Hugs and loves from your Auntie.

Sugar... said...

I love the pictures of Blaine in the kitchen drawers! That is too funny...look out, soon he'll be opening that third drawer and up onto the counter you'll find him! Although I've never met you Blaine, I have to admit that I think we'd be insta-friends!

kira said...

Cute pictures! Isn't it great to see all the crazy things that kids come up with? My 2 year old likes to put her stuffed animals in my bread pans and carry them around- cracks me up!