Sunday, June 3, 2007

Tom Squared

Good. You all gave the correct answer--thatTom Cruise is nuts! (Thanks to Heidi, though, for pointing out his generosity.)

Shout-outs go to Kate who named the most (21) Tom Cruise movies and to Wes, who came up with the most obscure Tom Cruise movie, Legend. Congrats! To see a full list of his stuff, click here.

This week's question is about another Tom. Good ol' Tom Hanks. Love him!

1) Tom won two Academy Awards for best actor--back to back.

a) What was the first movie he won for and what year was it?
b) What was the second movie he won for and what year was it?

2) The next year everyone thought he should win yet again for his role in what movie? (He didn't get the Oscar nod, however. Not even the nomination.)

3) What is your favorite Tom Hanks movie?


Traci said...

I love Tom Hanks too! So much that sometimes I think that we are personal friends (is that weird?)
Ok I am going to make a bold move and not even check my guesses before I post them. And yes, they are guesses! 1.a.Philidelphia and b.Forrest Gump I have no clue about the years though.Uhhhhh 93' and '94? 2.Apollo 13.
3. Do I have to pick a favorite? I love all his movies (that I can watch) but I do have to say that I just LOVE him in Sleepless and You've Got Mail. I know typical answer but he is so quirky in those movies (as is Meg) and I just love them together!!
But why didn't you have us name as many of HIS movies as we could. I could do that all day.....Splash, BIG, A League of their own, Castaway, Saving Private Ryan, Catch me if you can, Terminal, Da Vinci Code........

jeanine said...

Okay, I had to cheat a little bit but...
1a. 1994 Philidelphia
1b. 1995 Forrest Gump
2. I wasn't sure on this one... was it Apollo 13?
3. this is a hard one... but I love "sleepless in seattle" and "joe versus the volcano"

kira said...

I'm pretty sure "You've got mail" is my favorite or "sleepless in Seatle" know the kind cheesy romantic comedies.

Sugar... said...

YES! I got one of the trivia answers right last week! It's probably the only one I'll ever get, but that's okay, I like to read your blog even though I am not television savvy. I keep looking at those cupcakes for Blaine's birthday and I am sorry I wasn't there...they look yummo!

liz said...

Finally, a Tom I can tolerate. Philadelphia -- 1993, Forest Gump -- 1994. No Oscar for Apollo 13 (btw, we were watching that when Matt held my hand for the first time -- he was so nervous/excited about it, I don't think he really saw the movie!). I don't know if I can choose a favorite Tom Hanks movie, but for nostalgia, you can't beat Bosom Buddies nor Big.

Amy Jean said...

Yes! I actually know this one!
1a) Philadelphia-1993
1b)Forrest Gump-1994

2)Apollo 13 I think

3) Definitely Forrest Gump. But I also love Sleepless in Seattle, and You've Got Mail, of course?

ps- have you been playing Cranium lately?

Emily said...

Oh, I don't know...and I'm too lazy to Google or even to really think, but I really like Tom Hanks. My favorite movie of his? That's like making me choose a favorite sibling...too many, too hard! I might have to say Mail, just for sentimental's sake. Ooooh, wanna come over and watch it and look at a Bride's mag or scrapbook...for old time's sake? ok, let's.

Jill said...

1a. 1st Movie: Philidelphia (1990?)
1b. 2nd Movie: Forrest Gump (1991?)
2. Saving Private Ryan (2001?)
3. Favorite Movie of Tom Hanks is Castaway. Amazingly entertaining considering no music, other actors, well...there was the volleyball friend.

By the way, I think he is so gross with long hair in that Davinci Code movie and he needs to get back to his thinner form like in Forrest Gump. Much healthier! By the way, my favorite Mcdreamy Tom is definitely Tom Sellick, how about a Tom3?

lori said...

Wes felt proud to be congratulated on your blog. Thanks for the fame :)(All very surprising, though, since we continue to be clueless about pretty much everything...)

Tom Hanks years and awards? no idea. But we love his movies. Such a diverse actor! We are fans of Mail and Sleepless (of course) also Joe vs. Volcano. I like him in That Thing You Do and Wes was pretty impressed with Cast Away.

So fun, Anne!

Anna said...

I pretty much don't know anything about pop culture. Except for that Tiffany remark in staff meeting the other day. Boy did that show my age. I came home laughing about it and told Danny. He gave me the same blank stare. I'm not that old. Thanks for knowing who I was talking about and validating me when I was on the spot there. Also even though I don't know the answers to these, thanks for the education. Someday I will know the answer and you will just be so shocked. (But it won't be today.)

Traci said...

OK I know this doesn't have anything to do with "Tom Squared", but I had to tell you that I was driving in my car the other day and the Beattles song "Here comes the sun" came on the radio and I giggled because 1. I love this song, it makes me happy and 2. I had a mental picture of a cute Sister Hall in her 3/4 length skirt and black badge skipping down the street next to Sister "Prune Face" singing this song, then being chastized by said Sister "Pants in a Wad" (same sister) that you shouldn't be singing that song! HA HA!! It made me happy to think of you. I can't wait to see you!