Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Independence Day

Good news--I made it back from Girls' Camp. Not that Blaine showed any interest in me whatsoever. And do you think Taylor hugged me? No, it was, "Straight to the shower with you!" Like I can be offended though. Four days of bathing in nothing but campfire smoke? Not a good recipe for huggableness. It was grand, and you can count on a post. But for now, I owe y'all a Trivial Tuesday.

First of all, so many great commentaries on the 1990s. You all had me in stitches. I think my favorite reminder of '90s fashion came from Wayne, who mentioned Hypercolor T-shirts ( and even provided a Wiki-link)! For some reason that reminded me of those Magic Eye posters. Remember those? They were all the rage and I was obsessed! And thanks to LCM and others, who reminded us of some important things that were happening as well. Lest any of you think I am utterly shallow and trivial, I really appreciated those comments.

I thought this week we ought to have a question about Independence Day. But I'm not going to ask you anything about Thomas Jefferson. Instead, let's look at this Independence Day.

And its star, one of my faves, Will Smith. Can you tell us...
1. How/where he got his start?
2. How many children he has (and what their names are)?
3. Who his wife is?
4. What films he has received Oscar nods for?
5. Why he left the 2002 Academy Awards Ceremony early when he was nominated for best actor?
6. What your favorite Will Smith movie is?


Barb said...

"Let me tell you a story just sit right there, I'll tell you how I became the Prince of a town called Bel-Air..."
He started out as a rapper "the Fresh Prince" with DJ Jazzy Jeff, but his big break was landing a TV sitcom, "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air," natch.

3 kids: Trey, Jaden, Willow

Jada Pinkett Smith (they met when she guest starred on FPOBA)

Ali, The Pursuit of Happyness

I don't know and I won't cheat by googling but I'm going to guess because his wife was preggers.

I loved, LOVED the Pursuit of Happyness!

liz said...

Well for some reason, I don't have the energy to answer all of those questions. But, I do like Will Smith and was very impressed when he and Jayda left the Oscars because one of their children was home ill. They are a family who seems to be setting a good example for the rest of Hollywood. And I really liked Hitch. And I've seen every episode of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, though his start was really "Parents Just Don't Understand" which seems even cornier now than it did then. There, how many questions did I just answer without really trying?

Sarah said...

Oh Anne, I love Big Willy Style!

1. Obviously he was the Fresh Prince before he starred on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Ah, Parents Just don't Understand!

2. He has three children: Trey, Jaden, and Willow (One from his first marriage, two from his second)

3. Jada Pinkett Smith

4. Ali and The Pursuit of Happyness

5. He had to leave because poor Willow had a very high fever

6. I love all things Will Smith. I couldn't possibly choose a favorite film, but I loved Hitch and Bagger Vance.

As a side note, I absolutely love Will. Again, I didn't need to use the internet because I consider Will a member of the family. I'm pretty sure that if he knew us, he'd want to be friends! I can just see both the families hanging out playing Trivial Pursuit on a Saturday night!

jeanine said...

I was totally obsessed with Magic Eye too! As for this week these are all guesses:
1. Dj Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince
2. 3 kids?
3. Jada Pinkett Smith
4. no idea
5. no idea
6. I liked Men in Black and Independence Day (Pursuit of Happyness was great but soo sad)

Amy Jean said...

I am glad to hear you survived girls camp...I am going in 10 days myself. I was sorry to miss you this weekend while we were in Provo...it would have been fun to meet you. But we'll be back I'm sure...we can't stay away from Lucy for too long without going crazy.

I only know that Will Smith has a son that starred with him in the Pursuit of Happyness, but I don't know his name. That's my current movie at the moment, but I also love the aforementioned ID and MIB.

b. said...

Umm...I really liked him in Ali, and recently, Pursuit of Happyness.
Oh, wait...and Hitch.
Hmmm....I'm a fan.

....and Jada Pinkett Smith, that's all I got.

kate said...

Well, I know he is married to Jada Pinkett, (and they are so cute together!) and they have a daughter named Willow and then the cutie son who did Pursuit of Happyness with him, but I cannot think of his name...Jayden? They have another son that Will had with a previous wife? That is all I know.... I am mostly glad you are back! cannot wait to hear about camp!

The Ramptons said...

OK Anne, my pathetic self will attempt the tuesday trivia. Here is what I know about will smith, He is married to Jada Pinkett Smith, who wrote a book about women holding up the world, they have two girls I think, and I have no idea what movies he was in, no wait, I just saw the pursuit of happyness, which was great. That's all I know. Glad you had fun at camp. Sorry that my brother sent you to the shower before a hug! RUDE!!

Autumn said...

Even though I love Will Smith I realized after your question that I don't know that much about him. You pretty much stumped me. I would like to find out why he left the Oscars early, though.
I think that's too funny that that he wouldn't even hug you before you showered. He DOES have a point, though. It's just not girls camp unless you come home with everything you own covered in dirt and three-day sweat. It's not so bad when you're actually there, since every one else is coated in grime, too. But when you re-enter the squeaky cleanness of the real world, suddenly its not so cool that you've worn the same grungy t-shirt to sleep, hike, cook, build fires, and clean latrines. Mmmmm...yummy.

Emily said...

I know, I'm too late for Trivial Tuesday, I just wanted to wish y'all a Rockin' 4th o' July! Miss you, Miss you.
Hearts (red white and blue ones :).

Traci said...

What is my deal Anne?? I think I have been unconsciously picketing your absence. I haven't posted on Trivial Tuesday for 2 weeks in a row! I am sorry, I hope you know I still love you...and T.T. I will have you know that last week I thought about the 90's A LOT soo much that I couldn't get "Color me Bad" out of my head! Thanks for that by the way. As for this week, I already read the answers which I only knew a few of. F.P.of B.A. being one of them. I love the episode where Carlton dances to "it's not unusual" by Tom Jones! HA!! Will Smith movies.... I liked Hitch a lot! And Pursuit of Happiness was soooo good.
I am glad you are back safe from Girls Camp. Love ya!

Sugar... said...

How funny! I say the same thing to Jeff when he comes in from mowing the lawn, "straight to the shower!" I actually knew two of the trivia answers, well one and a half I guess.

3 kids: Willow and the other two

Jada Pinkett Smith

By the way, does anyone else notice that Jada works out a little too much? She's got man boobs...I mean, she kinda looks body builderish.

lori said...

oh, sad to miss this question! We're fans. Reading these comments has revealed interesting triva that I didn't know! Fun. ;)