Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Gone to Camp

That's right, friends. I'll be spending the remainder of the week building fires, cooking over said fires, talking about boys, drinking up the forresty surroundings, not showering, and sleeping in my sleeping bag surrounded by the girls I love so dearly and that remind me of me, just a few short years ago. Man, I love girls' camp!


p.s. Don't forget to scroll down and play Trivial Tuesday!


kate said...

Which girls camp is better...Utah's or Oregon? I have to believe it's better at Ester Applegate!

liz said...

Matt and I went up last week for "bishopric night" at our girls' camp and I have to say, I found the drama a little intolerable -- it's just been so long for me, and maybe since I have boys and not girls, I'm out of the habit? The testimonies lasted up to 30 minutes (1 girl) and several of them were just SOBBING. It was what Oprah calls the "ugly cry." Wow. I'm sure I'll be back in that mode about 11 years from now when Mary goes to her first camp :)

kate said...

Where you at girl?