Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Many Things Trivial

Barb and LCM were the grand champions last week. (Look out folks, that's 2 weeks in a row for LCM.) Silence of the Lambs is maybe the creepiest movie I've ever seen (and why have I seen it?) and yes, Jodie plays Clarice and you all know Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lecter. Yeeeuck.

On to more beautiful and happy thoughts...

Taylor and Blaine spent the weekend visiting family in Oregon. They had a lovely time. And so did I! Please don't get me wrong--I missed my boys terribly. I hate sleeping by myself. So much that I always stay up ridiculously late when Taylor is gone because I just can't stand getting in that big bed all by my lonesome. So I watch the Late Late Show and blog and look at Martha Stewart's website until my eyes are fuzzy and I'm bored right to sleep. But let's get serious--a weekend to myself was also a huge treat. After dropping the boys off at the airport I drove straight to IKEA, where I meg my friend, Danielle. Two pregnant women at IKEA at 11 a.m.? What the heck do you think we did first? Swedish meatballs, my friends, Swedish meatballs. They were divine. And then we traipsed through that glorious place at our own darn pace and left with big blue bags full of Christmas gift wrap, bamboo plants, wooden toys, and party napkins. Have you been to IKEA? Have you been to IKEA with your toddler? Have you been to IKEA with your toddler and then had the choice blessing of going to IKEA without your toddler? Glorious I tell you, glorious. After parting ways with Danielle, I drove to Target, where I spent yet another marvelous hour just wandering the aisles. Seeing as how Target is right up there with Disneyland (Greatest Place on Earth), I was in heaven. I brought home a gorgeous red table runner for only $9.99. It's lovely, and goes with every season. Anyway, enough about my trivial retail therapy. It's not that I'm such a consumer, it's just that it's exciting to shop at my own pace. It felt so novel to wear a small purse instead of a gargantuan diaper bag and to mosey instead of speed walk.

After finishing up my work on Friday, I headed back up to Salt Lake, where I spent the rest of the weekend with my sister, Liz. We threw a rockin' baby party for Kate, whose new son, Charlie, is PRESH. I debuted my new and improved, re-vamped Baby Celebrity game. It was a hoot.

In other trivial news (don't worry, I am getting to some questions), Liz and I watched The Moonlight Mile on Saturday night. I highly recommend this film. It tells the story of a man whose fiance has just been killed and how he bonds with her parents as they grieve together. It is slow, and rather somber at times. But what I absolutely love about it is the screenplay. The dialogue is so natural--I kept thinking, "this is how real people talk." It has a small but incredible cast. Here's the rundown: Jake Gyllenhaal plays the main character, Joe. He is fabulous. Susan Sarandon plays the mother, Jo Jo. Her character is an absolute hoot. And the father is played by Dustin Hoffman. Fantastic performance. It also stars Ellen Pompeo, whose character is adorable and crucial to the plot's climax and resolution. So...

1. Dustin Hoffman--2 Academy Awards for Best Actor. Can you name the movies?
2. Susan Sarandon--1 Academy Award for Best Actress. Can you name the movie?
3. Jake Gyllenhaal--I have a crush on him. How many of his films can you name?
3. Ellen Pompeo--New to me because I don't watch her super popular TV show, which is what???

p.s. These questions are DIFFICULT. I had to look up several of them to be sure. If you get them all I think I might have to buy you a milkshake or something!


Barb said...

1. Rain Man, hmm, it's either All the President's Men or Kramer vs. Kramer. (It should have been Tootsie- I love that movie!!)

2. Dead Man Walking (although I think it should have been The Client)

3. Oh Jake Gyllenhaal... sigh. Well, he was in Brokeback Mountain, he's in a new movie with Reese Witherspoon called Rendition, The Day After Tomorrow (which totally gave me nightmares), Proof with Gwyneth Paltrow (loved that movie), the Good Girl with Jennifer Aniston and I think his breakout role was October Sky.

4. I didn't know Ellen Pompeo was in that movie! She's on Grey's Anatomy. Before that, she was the love interest in Old School.

liz said...

I had to look up every one of these! Totally cheated=no milkshake.
1. Kramer vs. Kramer, Rain Man
2. Dead Man Walking
3. I'll just tell the ones I've seen, since I'm looking at his whole career on imdb: Proof, The Day After Tomorrow, Moonlight Mile, October Sky, City Slickers (he was Billy Crystal's son -- who knew?)
3. (nice numbering, Anne) She's on Grey's Anatomy
I think I'm adding a little trivia about Moonlight Mile to my blog today, since I'm a little obsessed with the backstory....

Mrs. Cropper said...

So did we have the lowest participation ever because this was so darn hard?! P.S. Barb, What's your favorite milkshake flavor?!

LCM said...

Hey now, I would have answered and gotten some of them right without cheating, but I have been bizay and forgot to check. Check out my blog for all of what we have been up to! Hopefully Mrs. Cropper will allow me a bye week.

Jill said...

Annie my head was swirling after reading just the first question. So, tell you what, I will just go for a shake with you when I am in town around thanksgiving! And truthfully, the only thing I know about these characters is Jake was gay in a movie and that was gross.