Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Celebrity Baby Game

Sheesh, Barb--you rocked our world last week! (Whoa, that expression just brought back a flood of memories from the mid-nineties.) Yes, Dustin Hoffman won Oscars for Rain Man and Kramer Vs. Kramer. Yes, Susan Sarandon's was for Dead Man Walking. Yes, everything cute Jake Gyllenhaal does is magic. And yes, Ellen Pompeo is on Grey's Anatomy.


I mentioned in my last TT post that I have a killer baby celebrity game for baby showers. This is a different group (for the most part) than in my game. Anyway, now it's your turn! Can you name these babies??? Let's go row by row, left to right. So #1 is the top row, on the left, and so on. There are 8 in all (like you need help counting.) Good luck!


The Innkeeper said...

I'm not very good with the Trivial Tuesday (except when you feature Canadian editions!). But #7 looks like Janet Jackson.

Emily said...

This is so fun, Anne! I don't know a single one of them, but I have a few uneducated guesses:

1. Halle Berry
2. Jennifer Garner (??)
3. ?
4. Mark Ruffalo (??) and (sp??)
5. Will Smith ??
6. ?
7. A Jackson, Michael or Janet ?
8. Oprah Winfrey, Queen Latifah or Bill Cosby ??

hahaha! I'm making myself laugh. Have you ever seen so many question marks? I've failed! I have no idea! I can't wait to know the answers, though. Where did you find the pictures?

Eric, Halcyon, Viana and Brooke said...

Are you allowed to tell us what kind of celebrities we're looking at? Musicians, actors, athletes, politicians, all of the above???

jeanine said...

gosh... that's hard... I can only guess two. I think #1 is Halle Berry and #2 is Renee Zellweger (sp?)

Traci said...

Ok here goes nothin'!
#1 - I think I will stick with the crowd on this one and say Halle.
#2 - ? I can't tell if it's a boy or girl
#3 - Sarah Michelle Gellar
#4 - Tom Cruise
#5 - Chris Rock
#6 - ?
#7 - Beyonce
#8 - This one is going to drive me crazy.... I can only guess Oprah too.

Traci said...
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kate said...

I know #3 is Meg Ryan. Right?

I think I know #6 but can't quite place the face. I want to say that girl on CSI (las vegas) That's probably wrong.

I know we played this at my baby shower...but are these new ones? If not I'm terrible at this game!

Emily said...

hints, please?

Katrina said...

This is way hard! The only other one I can guess that no one has yet is #8... I think its Usher. Oh and #2 could be Jennifer Anniston, but that is totally a guess. #1 is definitely Halle and #7 is Janet, but I got nothing else.

Barb said...

I needed the hints and everyone's guesses... let's see how I do now.

1. Halle Berry
2. Jennifer Aniston
3. Drew Barrymore?
4. Ricky Martin
5. Carlos Santana
6. Reese Witherspoon
7. Janet Jackson
8. Beyonce

Traci said...

#6 - Nicole Kidman - that was totally from your clue though. You had (and I thought still have) a crush on Ewen McGregor and you saw her sing with him in Moulon Rouge. Now that type of stuff I know! :)