Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween letters from Blaine

Dear Dad,
Your jack-o-lanterns were the best of all. (Don't worry, they were packed full of Christmas lights, so they glowed like the sun after dark!)

Dear Mom,
I'm glad you decided to dress up every year for the rest of your life. I liked our western theme this year.

Dear Lucy,

Your Super Reader costume was so neat! (PBS 10:30 a.m. Great show--Lucy's favorite!) I'm so glad you came to Grandma's. I'd been asking my mama about you all day.

Dear Lori and Wes,
Thanks for bringing Lucy.

Dear everyone,

Don't I make a handsome cowboy? I loved my star most of all.

Dear Dad,
You worked wonders with aluminum foil and cardboard. Thanks for the coolest belt buckle!

Dear Nana and Grandpa,

Mom couldn't find me any cowboy boots (she didn't try that hard). But once I get some, my outfit will be complete and I'll be ready to ride horsies at the ranch!

Dear Grandma,

My favorite part of the evening was passing out candy with you, Dad, and Mom, when kids came knocking at your door. Every day I beg mom to go to "house. Dra-mah." I'm so happy we live so close. I love you!


The Innkeeper said...

I think you guys look great!

I can't wait to see Blaine in some cowboy boots riding horses!

Emily said...

Y'all should move to Texas.

Eric, Halcyon, Viana and Brooke said...

Dear Blaine, last night my two sisters saw you for the first time. One sister said, "That little boy is so cute!" The other sister said, "Well that's becsaue his mom is hot!" Way to go Blaine-way to have a mom who is both committed to Halloween for life and is hot.

Sugar... said...

You guys make a great posse! LUV your pumkins! What a cute idea!

Joan Koplin said...

Anne, my just keep getting prettier and prettier. Honestly, will you slow down for heaven sake! I can't keep up :)

themother said...

Anne I love your "Blaine voice" It's the swetest thing to hear your thoughts through his voice--a lovely melding--and see the images of all of you. Thank you.

Jill said...

Well I just can't get over how stinkin' cute that boy is. And to think there will be two stinkin cute boys next halloween! There is way to much testosterone in your house!