Monday, February 11, 2008

Grandma Tillie Update

Thanks, everyone, for your healing thoughts and prayers. Gram is doing substantially better. She will leave the hospital today and spend the next few weeks in a rehab center. She is in good spirits except for being frustrated by her weak body. (You know Grandma. She is a work horse. When her body can't do what she wants to do she says things like, "Well I'm not worth a hoot or a hollar anymore.") But she's getting to eat real food, taking short walks, and looking really good (except she definitely needs a house call from Steve, her "beauty operator." Word is that there's a beauty salon in the rehab center, though, so I'm sure they'll do her up right.) Again, thank you all for your well wishes.

(Does it get any cuter than Grandma Tillie in one of her silky, floral kimonos, sneaking cookie dough? Um, no.)

P.S. For laughs, click HERE.


lori said...

um, NO, it doesn't get ANY cuter!
Thanks for the update, I've been meaning to ask every time we see you guys!

SO glad she's doing well.

EMILY said...

Glad to hear Gma Tillie is doing better. She is just so dang cute!

Emily said...

Gram is SO cute. Thanks for the update, Anne (one of many things I meant to ask you about when we chatted the other day, but didn't.) Hope she continues to get better; wouldn't want her feeling like she's not worth a hoot.

You're about to have a baby!!! I'm so excited for you :)

brittani c. said...

I've enjoyed reading up on your domestic experiences. The aprons are fab and I love Blaine's commentary. I will have to take a look at that blog site to learn new things.

Eric, Halcyon, Viana and Brooke said...

I hope I can be as classy as grandma when I'm her age! (and very cute post you linked us to!)

The Llewellyn's said...

Love grandma Tillie. I am glad she is doing well.

I betcha taylor needs to mow her grass or clean her rain gutters huh? Call me if he needs help.