Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I think my boys are funny (plus a question for you)

So here are some funnies speaking of all things trivial:

#1. Every time we turn on CNN (which is OFTEN these days), Blaine says, "Watch. Mitt. Bama." Is that bizarre or what?! What a smartie.

#2. Blaine is pretty much diggin' (pardon the pun) Bob the Builder these days. I found a VHS tape for him at D.I. (Mormon version of Salvation Army) the other day, and it's been a hit. Are you familiar with the cast? Let me introduce you to Bob and Wendy.
You probably know Bob and have gathered that he's a builder. Wendy works as the "office specialist" shall we say? Or maybe "administrative assistant?" You get the idea. Today while Blaine was snuggled up on the couch under a red fleece blanket watching Bob and friends, Taylor revealed to me, "I have a crush on Wendy." "Oh do you?" I replied. "Yeah," he said, "But you know she and Bob are going to hook up. Like in 'Bob the Builder--the College Years.'"

And, finally, here is your T.T. question (better late than never): Now that the writers are going to stop striking and start writing again, what are you the most excited to see new episodes of?
For us it is, without question, The Office. We have had a serious void in our lives.

Andy: When is this whole shunning thing going to end?

Dwight: Un-shun. NEVER. Re-shun.



Katrina said...

I asked this same question today. I'm most excited for Grey's Anatomy. Love that show. So much drama and clever dialogue.

Alicia said...

House--hands down. I'm sorry, but I just can't resist Hugh Laurie (I have been watching a lot of Sense and Sensibility to get my Hugh fix lately).

Traci said...

HA HA I loved that episode!
I am totally with you. Life has seemed just a little less funny these past few months with out Mark quoting something from The Office. Do you know when the next new episode will air?

EMILY said...

The Office, 30 Rock, Grey's Anatomy. Those 3 shows are my staples. Can't wait.

LCM said...

I forget when I answered Katrina's yesterday. I absolutely love The Office, I also love 30 Rock.

jeanine said...

Can't wait for the office!

MLFong said...

I totally feel ya on the lack of The Office; it has surfaced as my #1 missed show during the strike. An unlikely group to hold an entire nation hostage, but considering how most seem pretty hooked on their entertainment, I guess it's not a huge shocker.

Anyway, to answer your question, I found you while looking at Lissel's Facebook application to a page... long convoluted route but there you were! Hey did you know Stacy is about to have a baby boy? Probably not long after you!! Congratulations, by the way!