Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Nothing Trivial Today

As for last week, Alicia and Mrs. Taylor worked it. J.R. didn't stand for a darn thing. Check their comments if you care for more details.

I have lots of non-trivial things on my mind today. I'll elaborate later...


p.s. Happy Birthday Christina!


Taylor's said...

Thanks Mrs. Cropper! I was looking forward to another question to stump my husband with . . but nothing today. Oh, and the first name is Catherine.

Joan Koplin said...

When is "Mrs. Cropper's Books" going to be up and running again!? I mean, how many months do you need for "maternity leave" missy? haha.
Will you email me your address asap, please. Tay's b-day card is sitting on my counter and anxious to be sent :)