Sunday, July 20, 2008

We Dreamed About This Back in our Whitney Hall Days

Dear Lisa,

For weeks I had been checking Andy's blog to find photographs of your wedding. At first I realized I was too early--you were still on your honeymoon. And after checking for a few more days I gave up for a while. And then Taylor was out of town with our computer. And then last night while we visited my parents I let Nana hold fat Rog and Grandpa play trains with his man Blaine while I checked some blogs. "Check Andy's blog!" I reminded myself. And suddenly there were all these amazing pics of you two bashing around Puerto Rico and Virgin Gordo and then I saw this.

And I had to cry about it for a few minutes a) becauseI wanted to be there so badly and I was so devastated to have missed it and b) because you are so beautiful.

Love the dress, love the flowers, love the mini bundt cakes, love the Newport Beach Temple, love the bride and groom.

Welcome to married life. Isn't it just the best?!

p.s. for more gorgeous pics of the gorgeous couple click your clickadoodle here.


danielle said...

Wow! Lisa is like breathtakingly gorgeous!!! I love her dress and I love all the sunny yellow totally fits her sunny personality. So excited and happy for her. Makes me want to get married again (you know to the same guy).

Joan Koplin said...

LISA?! As in Lisa, lisa?! She is STUNNING. I got teary watching the slideshow and I don't even know her all that well. She is such a dear...and her wedding looked lovely. The colors and decor were PERFECTLY coordinated.
Oh, oh...and to top it all off: she was wearing heels and her hubby is still taller! HA! LOVE IT!

The Lindsey Ladies said...

Ok so I don't know these people at all, but from their pictures I want darn cute are they? I love the picture of them standing on the fountain. Alright, that's enough stalking out of me.....