Wednesday, July 23, 2008

How the 4th is done in A-Town

This is how we do it. (cue Montel Jordan)

We eat bagels and yogurt while we watch the annual parade. We cry about the sweet disabled boy in the middle school band who's workin' it on the tamborine and the little fairy princess dancer girls running around. We roll our eyes (and try to cover our kids' eyes) about this.

We mill about downtown afterwards. (Melissa can pull off the straw hat like no one else can.)
We squish along like sardines past all the booths until we get too hot and tired and decide it's time to go home. Aunt Sally comes for lunch. (Leftover Chinese. Yum.)
We light off fireworks outside Grammy and Grandpa's house and Tay tells about the time he put a bunch of 'em in a bowl and let them off in his room. Grammy rolls her eyes. I cover Blaine's ears.
I show Blaine the art of writing your name with a sparkler.

Then there's some big loud fireworks and a cozy bed.
the end.


lori said...

love this. Look how big baby Rog is!! So glad you're there with family (if you can't be here with us!!)

Christina said...

I thought the rollerblader's comment was funny, "I'm not trying to get attention". It seems like that's all you're going to get if you're rollerblading down Main St in a g-string.
Glad that you guys had a fun day. Love your red shoes!

Alicia said...

Sounds like you guys had so much fun! Baby Rog is getting really big! Your family is so cute!

EMILY said...

Jealous! Not so much of the naked lady but of the time spent in good old A-town! My sister Annie went home and said it was fun time for all. Give you family loves from us... baby Rog is too cute!

brittani c. said...

The kids are cute as always, but I'm really liking those red shoes of yours. Very striking.

danielle said...

ugh...that dumb naked girl is so obnoxious. I love how she is trying to make it a cause. Please. There are plenty of ways to make the world a better place then showing off your boobs. I am all about freedom of expression, but I think there are much more productive ways to get the point across. And "Teaching our kids to be ashamed of their bodies"? How about teaching them that their bodies are sacred. ARGH. OK anyway, looks like you had a fun day. Sorry for the rant.

Sugar... said...

Yikes, did you guys get to see the nudie? LUCKY! (Cue Napoleon Dynamite). Glad you had such a nice 4th. I love fireworks and the whole day. It's such a fun day full of good food and activities no matter what you do!

Melody said...

Your blog is so fun to read, I never realized how good of a writer you were! I mean you were always witty but I just have to say I love reading your posts. What a cute mom you are, the red heels, so hot. I only wish I could live closer to you to hang out. You are totally living the dream and I am so happy for you and your family. Memory of the day: when we went to the bible study and got separated by the mobs. Oh and who can forget the quote, "Mormons, I'm your guy!"