Sunday, July 27, 2008

What are blog-friends for?

Alright bloggy friends. Here are two q's for ya.

1. What fun things should I be doing with my toddler? (I feel like I am in a play with toys, play with play doh, play in kiddie pool rut.)

2. I am in search of new bedding. Ours is nast. Any suggestions on who's got good stuff??

Oh, and, just for fun--are you obsessed with DesisnStar and The Next Food Network Star like we are? You should be. We're voting for Jennifer on DS and Lisa on TNFNS. And I want Lisa's whole wardrobe.

OK that's enough frivolity.
Thanks for your help.


Megan said...

Ok, sorry this is a comment about the two posts below this one. Lisa got married! She is so BEAUTIFUL! I saw her a couple of times while we were living down there (we lived 5 minutes from the Newport temple) but I haven't talked to her since. Anyway, their wedding was like the cutest I've ever seen.

And, whatever happened with the lady who was petitioning to be naked in the Ashland parade? My mom was telling me that it was a big scandal. Did she get to?

Traci said...

ummmm sorry I feel like I am in the same rut so I have no advice :(
Well I am sure you have already tried the usuals like Target and T.J.'s. We don't have much around these parts it kinda stinks! Maybe you can fins something you really like at an Ashland boutique and then find someone who can make it for you. Wouldn't that be fun? Ok sorry I haven't been very helpful.
And about TNFNS they had re-runs this past week and I was able to catch up so Mark and I are totally watching the finally tonight. I LOVE Lisa and I think she is perfect! And funny thing about her wardrobe is that she kinda reminds me of you! After a few episodes I was like "She dresses so cute....Like Anne!" So its funny that you mention that you like her style. :) I wish it wasn't so late tonight and we could have a TNFNS party! Hey maybe we still can!

Jacque said...

Here's my ten cents...for what it's worth. My little ones always do well with puzzles. The Melissa and Doug ones are nice but spendy. The 25 piece ones from Fred Meyers works great. They are usually Disney or some other preschool favorite. They have an edge to them so the kids can get a clue where the edges fit.
Also take a large, clear, rubbermade style box(one that is shallow enough to roll under a bed) Fill it with water, or rice, or pinto beans whatever is expired in your food storage and put it on a table where they can reach. Put sand toys in it or measuring cups/spoons in it...whatever. They love to feel the texture and fill the cups, watch the rice go through a funnel etc. Prepare to sweep up the mess, put the lid on it and shove it under a bed.
Also, a blanket over some chairs or couch cushions or piano and piano bench makes the best forts. Sometimes just hiding a few toys in their fort or snack time under the fort is lots of fun!
Sorry this is so probably have already thought of these things but just in case...

P.S. a cape in a dress up box doubles as so many wonderful things.

Vicky said...

Anne, I'm in a similar rut, so sorry that I have no suggestions. I'll just steal what people tell you. Good luck!

liz said...

Blaine's a good age for blocks now -- does he have a big box of wooden ones? Also duplos. Mary's fine motor is good enough for some building with real legos now, and she seems to have a good attention span for tiny things (and doesn't put them in her mouth). Every kid is so different, it's sometimes hard to know what will keep a little toddler busy. Oh, our sand table has been a big hit this summer -- you may want to invest in something like that.

For bedding, TJ Maxx, of course! I've also found good sheets for a good price at Costco.

Love you.

Sarah R. said...

All of my kids love the costumes. Also, I'm a big fan of idea books. Christina has posted about some that I like. I don't follow them to the letter, but they give me great ideas. I also check the paper every day for things going on around town. Sometimes just getting out of the house can make a huge difference.

As for the sheets, I always find good deals at Macys. When they have their extra 40% off things are very reasonable. Don't forget to look under tables!! Sorry this is so rambling!

Lindsay Jane said...

I don't know you but I do know Emily Anne so I'm not totally random...I also don't have kids but do have advice on bedding. I can always find combos I like at Ikea (seen here: and at Pottery Barn (seen here: AND here: Pottery Barn is obviously more pricey but they happen to be having a great sale here:

Christina said...

What kind of things do you like to do - can you do some of them and incorporate your kids?

Are there recipes you're interested in trying? I was thinking about you making recipes with Blaine and just plan on it taking the whole afternoon to do it so you get something done that you want and you are still doing it together.

Set-up play dates with family and friends - I think when the kids are that age it's good for you to get out of the house for a bit!

Go to the park and pack a picnic or if the baby's napping plan a picnic for you and Blaine in the backyard.

Going to a u-pick might be fun for Blaine - you would probably only end up picking a quart of something before you were all done, but then you come home and enjoy it together.

I don't know how you feel about arts & crafts stuff - if Blaine puts things in his mouth or not. But you can find edible play-doh recipes and finger paint with pudding.

Set-up a music box of little instruments - put on a fun cd and have fun!

OK - this is probably annoyingly long. Sorry. Love you. Good luck!

Sally said...

My kids always love to play in the sink and wash dishes. It is one of those messy activities so you just have to be OK with water getting everywhere. I usually put a towel on the ground, pull a chair up to the sink, fill it with soapy water, and give them some plastic stuff to play with. I have to watch them pretty closely now though, because they like to strip down and get in the water. As for the bedding, I don't think there is a Kohls in Medford, but you could check on-line. I love the simply Vera line by Vera Wang.

ps. I'm at my parents house right now and Traci and I are going to take the kids to the train park this week if you want to come.

EMILY said...

Martha Stewart is now at Wal-Mart. I just saw a commercial on TV that she is there instead of Kmart. In the past she has had some cute bedding on sale, I don't know about now. I got our bedding at a place called Tuesday Morning, I don't know if there are some in Medford, but I really have liked it.

Em said...

1. What to do with your toddler? well, I think there have been some great ideas given already. I'd add playing in the sprinkler, definitely invest in a sand table or box -- sand holds infinite amounts of intrigue for little guys. Go to a pet store or petting farm/zoo (or grandpa Rog's ranch :) Henry was very much into his Mega Blocks at Blaine's age, but I always had to play with him.

2. Where to find great bedding? Duh. Plan a trip to Dallas and we'll shop for bedding together 'cause I need some too and there are a gazillion cool places around here that we could go. Or...check out Garnet Hill (it's $$, but maybe you could find something on sale or find a deal on Ebay or just fork it over -- I think bedding is something it's okay to splurge on if you intend to keep it for a while.) I've also found a few things I like on Let me know when you find something -- I'd love to see what you choose.

I miss you!

Mrs. Cropper said...

Wahoo! So many great suggestions. Jacque, we love Melissa and Doug puzzles too, and have found really smashing deals on them at TJ MAXX and Tuesday Morning. Speaking of stores, yes, Sally, Medford has a Kohl's now. I'll have to check out Simply Vera. And I'd love to hang out this week! I am loving all these fun activities you're all suggesting--I'm going to make them into a list and post it in my kitchen. Keep 'em coming! Oh, and to answer some q's about the naked lady. Yes, she made an appearance. She was not allowed in the parade but came up the parade route a few minutes before it started in nothing but a flesh-colored thong and rollerblades. She was waving her arms in the air as she whizzed by yelling "FREEDOM!" (I know what you're thinking. "What about MY freedom?!" exactly.) It became a subject of comedy, that's for sure. Tay says, "Man you just don't usually see a naked person doing something active like rollerblading. And there was nothing sexual about it. She looked like a native on the Discovery Channel." So there you have it. This is where I live!

lori said...

Tell me about ruts! We're in a blocks and color-with-markers rut. So glad you posted the question - these are all great ideas!

A few other things Lucy loves when I remember to break out of the mold:

Side-walk chalk.
Sorting (you know dry beans and noodles and stuff).
Homemade musical instruments (I think someone already mentioned that!)

Love you dearest!
Post pics of your bedding when you choose it! No doubt you'll choose something FAB!

Halcyon said...

I choose to answer the questions backwards...
Target! Their jersey sheets are the best.

Outsource with Blaine. Get him into the community. Library story time, try all the parks, check out that one store you've always wondered about. Walk to all the new places you possibly can without killing yourself (I chance 3 miles, that's my tops), call your city offices, they can hook you up with all sorts of things going on that you never would have guessed. Anything out of the house is always a great day.
And gas is expensive, but walking is free, and anyway, I'd pay the money for a happy child!
Viana likes cooking too... :) Watercolors are good too.

Um, and I didn't read anyone else's (pride right there for ya) so sorry if it's a repeat!