Thursday, October 23, 2008

Autumn mantel #1

So last December when our realtor took us through a bunch of homes my checklist looked like this:
-3 bedrooms
-2 bathrooms
-enough grass for kids to play
-good kitchen for Taylor
-cute mantel

You should see my notes from our house-hunting excursions. The blue house notes look something like this:
-smaller kitchen=bummer
-great bathtub!!
-CUTE mantel!

Nice priorities. I'm such a dork.

But hey, when I'm sitting on the couch nursing Rog (this is a lot of time each day--have you seen the girth of that child?), nothing makes me smile more than looking up at something like this:
Cute Mom totally showed up yesterday morning with some essentials for the weary travelers (us). You know, essentials like milk, cheese, eggs, and autumn colored tulips. Have I mentioned that I really like my mother?

These vases (also a la my mom) are from the Dollar Tree if you want to duplicate the look. I just love the simplicity. Who needs anything cluttering up that beautiful foliage?!

Anyway. Happy Autumn!


The Lindsey Ladies said...

Adorable, love the simplicity!

Joan said...

You've given me something to smile about today, Anne..."All Will Be Well" by Gabe Dixon Band!!!
I saw your song recommendations on Em's blog and considering you introduced me to one of my all time favorite bands: Nickel Creek...I knew I'd like your picks.
Thank you...oh, and can I borrow Rog for a couple hours? I want to chew on him :)

Anderson Family said...

Cute flowers! I also love your mama. She is so sweet, not to mention your quiet, sweet, loving father! Baby Rog is so the yoga pose. You know they can never get started on yoga too early, right?