Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Gallery

There was a trip to a pumpkin patch/petting zoo aptly named "the farm." There was a carnival at church. There was trick-or-treating. (Thankfully not all on the same day.)
See here...

His future's so bright, he's gotta wear shades.

Blaine, llama. Llama, Blaine.
Cousins cover Blaine in corn.
Rog eats corn.
Katie, Blaine, Mary, Simon, goat eating broom.
Mary and Blaine joy-riding.

Blaine and Kiwi after a lot of sugar.
Collin gets Reagan to sit for 2 minutes.
How pretty is Beth, anyway?!
The Man in the Yellow Hat and Curious George impress, as always (do you have spray-painted yellow pants?)
Our li'l punkin.Here's what I love: luminaries. (Don't they make you want to trick-or-treat at the blue house?)
Taylor should challenge Martha to a carving contest.
Grandpa Captain Scurvy takes pirate Blaine trick-or-treating.
Grandpa Rog holds the fort with little Rog.
Examining the loot.

Now on to Thanksgiving!


Alicia said...

Your Halloween looked so fun! I love the fall and all the holidays that go with it.

lori said...

Love it! We missed you guys as we walked around the neighborhood! So glad you had fun! The costumes are awesome!

danielle said...

Well many fun fall happenings. I am jealous that you have so many cute cousins around for your kids to play with (or cousins for you kids period I guess).

That pumpkin kills me. Or course Taylor carved it. I wouldn't expect any less. We actually forgot to carve our lame are we?

Love the curious george costume! And yes you CAN paint anything! Love it.

miss you too.

Sally said...

Nope, can't say that I do have spray-painted yellow pants. I am very impressed with the creativity though. And I love your house! So inviting!

danielle said...

Oh I just read your comment, and YES I did see the colonel with his wee beady eyes, "Oh yer my buy my chicken", and I thought of you.

Brianne said...

Hey Anne,
There is so much to comment on here! I love the luminaries. Those are fun. Taylor's pumpkin is amazing! Love the contrast of grandpa Rog and grandpa Blaine. And the "corn box" as opposed to sand box is pretty sweet. If one had one at home do you think the birds would eat it?