Sunday, November 9, 2008

Auction results!

Oh blogger friends, how I love you! Thank you, once again, for your participation and generosity. Alicia, you are wonderful! Bidders, you are marvelous! We raised $110 for the Nielsons! Thank you, thank you!

The winners are as follows:
1. Glam cream bow--Sally for $10
2. Yellow flower with brown button--Annie Karcher for $10
3. Lavender polka-dot bow with flower and jewel--Danette for $9
4. Lavender bow with flower and jewel--Lindsey Ladies for $10
5. Baby blue plaid bow--Danielle (who may or may not be buying it for herself) for $8
6. Colorful curly whirly--Bestgrandkidsever for $8
7. Yellow polka-dot bow with yellow daisy and button--Lori for $9
8. Patriotic curly-whirly--Danette for $5
9. Precious pink bow--Lindsey Ladies for $5
10. Ginormous red flower with button--Danette for $5
11. Giant orange flower with red button--Lindsey Ladies for $5
12. Red satin bow--Halcyon and fam for $6
13. Hot pink bow--Bestgrandkidsever for $8
14. Big orange flower with yellow button--Danette for $5
15. White flower with button--Lindsey Ladies for $7

Your instructions:
1. Click on the "Donate to Nie Nie" button at the top of my blog. Follow the paypal instructions. (This is a credit/debit card payment--let me know if you'd like to work something different out with me.)
2. Once you've donated, email me at amcropper{at}gmail{dot}com. Let me know your mailing address. Or, as some of you are local Oregonians, we can set up an easier arrangement.
3. Enjoy your bows and think of Stephanie when you/your kids/your grandkids/whoever don them.

Loves, anne

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Kate said...

Um... what's my problem! We are always doing something where I'm not by my computer for days when you are having auctions! I haven't looked in a while... we're in colorado... looks like it was a success!