Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's all about Y-O-U!

Well Tuesday was a holiday, plus I had to brag about my blog facelift, so I am celebrating Trivial Tuesday today. I'm crazy like that.

Pretty sure Traci
and Alicia cleaned up last week. Actually, Trace, it was at your house that I first saw Heart and Souls, so I totally thought of you when I wrote that question. Elisabeth Shue is a greatie. I loved her in Adventures in Babysitting, Cocktail, The Saint...just to name a few. Marisa Tomei--my fave with her is definitely Untamed Heart (which also stars Christian Slater, while we're discussing come-backs!!) I loved August Rush and yes, Don Cheadle will be in the next Iron Man movie. Holy smokes I love him. So I hope you caught all that! When I ramble off like this Taylor just gawks at me like, "my wife's head is totally full of useless information." Oh and did you catch Lisa's comment? Funny enough, she was just in GAP and a kid asked her if she was Gwyneth. Her reply: "Yeah, I am. How did you know? I'm just here to check out the sale rack." Hee hee. I heart Lisa.

So here is today's question. Let's say someone from "the industry" contacts you about making a movie about you. Who plays you? Your hub? The other peeps in your life? Think big, people!
Have fun. I've got to think about this one. (Don't think for a minute that I'm choosing Melissa Joan Heart!!)


Joan said...

Heart and Souls and Untamed Heart are two of my very favorite movies ever! We have similar movie taste, you and I :)
SUCH a fun question of the day: My husband will be played by Orlando Bloom and I will be played by either Milla Jovovich (she is way skinny but she could put on a few for the role or something) or Britney Spears! HA HA HA! I swear I get that more than anything...SO stupid. It's like, yeah, I have blonde hair and I'm a girl therefore I look like Britney?! Whatever.
ps: I have a crush on your new it "Emily" brand?

Joan said...

I retract Milla (she's way too Russian/foreign looking to be me) and replace her with: Scarlett Johansson. I can dream, right? haha

Joan said...

Okay, I'm thinking way too seriously about this...haha!
I retract Orlando Bloom and replace him with Robert Pattinson for Brandon! haha. IE: Edward Cullen :)
Are you going to see Twilight? I already have tickets for me, my Mom, Jess, and a group of girls. It is already selling out!?! Crazy.

liz said...

Joan is cracking me up. I can sort of see the Britney Spears, but Scarlett Johansson is a much better choice.

Remember when I used to get Cybill Shepherd? I've also occasionally gotten Drew Barrymore, but I think my face looks more like hers when I'm on the chubby side, like I was in college. Could I have Charlize Theron for my movie though? She's so much smarter. They'd maybe have to ugly her up slightly, but she doesn't mind -- that's how you get the Oscar. For Matt, we'd take a Clark Kent type -- maybe Dean Cain? Although he doesn't have the emotional depth to be Matt. Ooh, maybe Patrick Dempsey. Or that might just be a fantasy of mine.

Are you sensing that I could go on and on? Fun game, Anne.

Jacque said...

Okay I resisted posting because none of your fan club knows me...but if they are going to be stick in the in the mud?...spoil sports...then I'm in.
I don't see it but some friends have compared me to Jennifer Garner, and when I was in the L.A. airport last month a TSA guy grabbed my luggage to check it and yelled "Jennifer Garner in the house". So she'll be me (I wish I had her arms..and abs..)and my hubby Shane will be portrayed by David Boreanaz of Bones because they could be brothers. Hmmm I could also have Lauren Graham (Lorelai Gilmore) be me. There are days I wish I could jump right in with the gang of Stars Hollow, have a burger at Luke's, and chat with Sookie about why anyone would order a Monte Cristo.

Katie said...

I have been thinking this over and I think I would pick Kate Winslet to play me (sans the acccent.) And Landon would be played by John Krasinski, because his is almost as funny and cute as Landon.

The Lindsey Ladies said...

Ok, see here is my problem, the star I think looks most like me I don't enjoy much....I don't want her to play me, she kind of sucks at acting, but I don't really have anybody else in mind so I guess unfortunately I have to say Lindsay Lohan. Although I do get Calista Flockhart a lot, so strange, and she is kind of old. Anyways, Ryan Renyolds would play Collin for sure, basically just because I am obsessed with both of them.

Mrs. Cropper said...

I am loving this. Liz, you are hilarious about uglying up Charlize. Nice choices, by the way. Jacque, that is so awesome that you are a real-live Jennifer Garner look-a-like. I love her. And, I too love Lauren Graham. You know that is my fave tv show of all time. Katie, I love Kate Winslet and John Krasinski is a PERFECT Landon. Beth, funny that you get Callista Flockhart. You're both pretty and slim but I don't really see it? Lohan has the red hair but you are way prettier. Ryan Reynolds is a perfect Collin. Love it. As for me, I would like to go with Tea Leoni. I love her. Have you seen Spanglish? Love it. Have you seen Meet Dick and Jane? Hilarious. She is such a crack up in it. Anyway I want her to play me. And Taylor suggested Ewan McGregor could play him which I think is perfect, because I was in love with both of them during college. :)

brittani c. said...

I can totally see the Melissa Joan Hart thing...but you're way cuter and much more fashionable.

I have no stinkin' idea who would play me, but I have gotten several comments that I look and talk like Mandy Moore. I don't see it, but whatever floats their boat. Hmmm, Andrew? He would be Jesse Bradford, a little-known actor, but very hunky (per a friend's recommendation).

p.s. thank you for the nummy cupcake recipe!