Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Anne in Real Life

There are a lot of things I love about blogging. The fact that I am keeping a family record. The blessing of being connected with old friends I had lost touch with. The benefit of getting mothering, decorating, and cooking ideas. Being inspired to be better. Feeling part of a large blogging community. All good things. There is one thing I don't love, and I think about it a lot. I think it is hard to find a balance between being positive and being real. Here's what I mean: I have received several comments lately about how my hair always looks great. Now don't get me wrong, those are dear compliments, and I fully appreciate them. My concern is that a lot of the time my hair is in a messy bun and you don't know that about me because 1) I don't usually choose to get in front of a camera at such times and 2) if I did allow a picture under such conditions I probably (whether consciously or not) would choose not to post it. We don't often post about bad days or experiences because we don't necessarily want to keep thinking about such negative things and we figure our nice bloggy friends don't need to hear our woes either. And for the most part I'm fine with that. I think the more we dwell on the positive, the more positive we feel. But every once in a while I find myself wondering why I can't get it together like so-and-so, and you know what? So-and-so probably feels the same way about me.

So anyway this isn't meant as a rant or a complaint or anything, but I thought you might want to hear about my day. I hope you can: laugh, relate, breathe easy that you are not alone.

I woke up too tired and too snarky. Blaine was up earlier than usual and that tends to make me cranky. Rog has been unusually tearful the last few days and it has really been wearing me thin. I have been spoiled by his angelic disposition thus far. (Heaven forbid a baby cry!) So, feeling cross (and tired of the mucus that has inhabited all of our heads for the past 2 weeks) I phoned my mom to tell her I didn't feel up to our planned errands. "Oh just get dressed and get over here. Let's get this Christmas stuff done." (note: this was all my Christmas stuff. She was just coming along for moral support and an extra pair of baby-holding hands.) So I dressed the boys and hopped in the shower with Blaine so I could wash my hair that hadn't been washed in 4 days. It pretty much resembled a robin's nest. Out of the shower, I threw on the same jeans that I have worn for the last 8 days, even though they were dirty (they're better than the alternative--my other 2 pairs have holes in the knees and there is no time for mending the week before Christmas). I put on the same sweater I've worn all week because it is the only thing warm enough for this ridiculously cold week. Poor sweater still hasn't forgiven me for wearing it fully prego. It'll never be the same again. Cozy but dirty boots, coat, scarf. Beanie over my wet hair, no make-up except for the failed attempt to cover up the giant zit (zits at 27? come on!) with foundation.

When we got to Mom's I decided I'd better take the boys in and feed Rog before the shopping excursion. He gobbled up his pureed pears like a pro. We'd only been in the car 5 minutes when Blaine sweetly said from the back seat, "Mom! Rogie spit up!" Always having been a spitter, I didn't think much of it. But then I glanced back to see. Holy pears. I pulled the Honda over on Jackson street, right by Donut Country and Mom got out of the car. Using a bib and nine million wipes we tried to clean up the pint of pear puree. It is still coating every square inch of Rog's car seat buckles. And we all know the inside of those buckles is the point of no return. Mess cleaned, and we were off again.

Linen's-n-things, Macy's Home. Nothing. Cranky Rog. Oh, and I totally forgot to bring the stroller in (what in the heck was I thinking?) so I was carrying the 22-pounder in his infant seat this whole time. My left bicep is so freakin' ripped by now. Macy's. Trying to pick out a gift while holding a crying Rog, trying to keep a blanket between his slimy peared-on sweater and my wool coat. Nursing him in a not-so-nice restroom (oh how I miss nursing at Nordstrom!) while Nana (bless her soul 1,000 times) takes Blaine on the escalator twice and up and down the elevator thrice. Hauling the babe, the infant seat (now full of purses, shopping bags, coats and hats), and the unwilling toddler (he was just dying to go up the stairs again) back to the car.

On to Target. Anne: "The baby is tired. I am hungry. Let's just go home." Mom: "We're here! Let's just get it done!" Once inside we realized we were so hungry that so help me we had pizza and a hot-dog and a strawberry smoothie to gird up our loins and tummies for more shopping. And you know what? That nasty food really helped. And actually tasted perdy good. And, even though I wished I was at SuperTarget the whole time instead of Tar-ghetto, we crossed everything off our list and went home.

Baby slept. We made "crunch" with Gigi (Blaine's Great-grandma), we picked Daddy up from work, and we had our neighbors over to make graham-cracker houses. And, thanks to my Mom's charity, Gigi's warmth, my fun neighbors, and a husband who would clean up a kitchen while his wife blogged this embarrassingly long post, I am feeling much less snarky. Even cheerful. But let the record show: my hair looks like crap.


Megan said...

Loved the post. I'm totally with you on the whole posting of negative things. Sometimes you just have to do it though. When I started blogging my kids were a little older than yours and I didn't feel positive MOST of the time. So my blogs were, um, probably really depressing. I finally caught myself and stopped. So I can totally relate :)

Yeah, what's up with zits at 27? I'm preggo with child #3. Shouldn't they stop torturing me by now?

Oh, and Q-tips work pretty well for getting puke out of car seat buckles. Destroy is a major puker so we keep them in the car now on trips :)

liz said...

If you really want people to feel better, I think you should post a picture of your hair looking like crap. But I would like to add that your hair looking like crap is still cuter than some people's hair on a good day -- you're just lucky that way. Love you.

brittani c. said...

I do appreciate the snarky posts when they happen...just think of it as blogging therapy. It's good for you! I could write a whole post about zits at 27, but it would make me sound too much like a Debbie Downer.
Have a Merry Christmas!

families are forever said...

Sorry Anne, but is hard to image you looking any less than perfect.
I can image the hectic day,(life with children) yet I am glad it ended on a positve cheerful note. Thank- goodness for helpful husbands. I know I couldn't make it with out Glenn's help. Keep smiling Danette

danielle said...

First of all...isn't your mom awesome! I can just hear her..."We here Anne...let's just get it done!" I guess she did have 5 children so is more practiced.

Also, I would like to say for the record that your hair does look better then most folks after 4 days of not washing. Liz is are just blessed that way.

I have been feeling a lot this year that I hope in future Christmas season's when my kids are old enough to actually care, that I can slow down and enjoy it instead of feeling like I am rushing around last minute. I hate that feeling.

Rogie looks good enough to eat by the way. Thanks for posting that photo.

Oliver and Megan said...

Anne, I really enjoy your blog and like to check in on it every once in a while. yes, it is good to know that we all have bad days and have those days where it seems like there's never enough time in it. I do appreciate the positive posts you have and all of the information you share about the world around you. Way to be real. And thanks for reminding me that I probably shouldn't blog so much about the negative things in life, but focus on the positive. I'll try! Merry Christmas.

Sarah R. said...

I also would love to see a photographic record of your day!

Joan said...

Ah, I feel better :)
I simply love your honesty, Anne. Truly refreshing. Thank you, dear.

Christina said...

Loved this post.

I made your rolls last week for enrichment - I made a double batch and they were so good and easy. I think I'll make more for Christmas Day to eat with our tofurkey!

Anonymous said...

it helps me feel a bit better about my day-getting the car stuck in the mud when we were already past naptime, baby puke on the computer and moldy leftover fridge cleanout. Enjoyed the post, it made me smile. thanks!

Sally said...

I have to admit that I am one of those that has thought you seem to have it all together. Good to know your life is as crazy as mine.

lori said...

Laughing...and missing you (!) right now. I think "your hair" and "looks like crap" are oxymorons =) But I do know what you're saying. Blogs give a false impression of perfection. I thoroughly enjoyed this tale of a crazy day and relate to it on so many levels. For example: right now my hair is matted and four-days-unwashed under a snow hat, my cheeks are bright red from shoveling walks and conducting check-outs, I have flour-goo smeared all over (all over) my sleeve from a batch of playdough gone awry. My mouth tastes like nasty, sugary grossness because I threw back some sprite instead of water after shoveling (What was I thinking?! I hate soda!). My house is a disaster plus two. But...what can you do? Some days are just like this. Even in Austrailia =)

Love you so, Anne! Glad you're having a happy December! Love those most recent holiday pictures!