Thursday, December 18, 2008

"Oh come, let us adore HIM."

I love December. I love the anticipation. I love the adornment.

Sometimes I get so wrapped up in the glitter that I forget to stop and think about what it's all for. It's for this.

(Brian Kershisnik's Nativity)


families are forever said...

Beautiful Anne! Is that a pedigree chart above the mantle?
Smiles Danette

Kate said...

You are on a posting roll! I can't keep up! And can I say you do have some great hair, but I totally relate to the times where it's in a messy bun all week! Your house looks so festive! Love the lights. We were too lazy this year...and since we won't be here for Christmas anyways we figured it was ok to slack a little.

love all this posting! Have a happy Christmas!`

The Lindsey Ladies said...

I am coveting your adorable Christmas card ribbon over your window, LOVE IT! By the way, thank you for my birthday present, you are so sweet!

Anonymous said...

Cute, cute pictures! Let my record show that I have 100 of those days you posted about a year! I just fail to blog on my crappy days (like you) because who has the time or emotions to post on such a day? I just assume that every mom is just like me, beautiful on fun, 0000special occasions that require a camera, otherwise in sweat pants and a messy bun at home taking care of my kiddos!

The Ramptons said...

Oh how I wish we were there.

Joan said...

Well said...and isn't it sad how easy it is to forget?
Ps: it makes me happy to see my Christmas card on your darling string of Christmas cards :) Thanks for making me feel special...once again.