Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Trivial Christmas

Here's what I love: cozying up on a December night to watch a classic get-you-in-the-mood-for-Christmas-cheer movie. On my list:
Christmas Vacation
Home Alone
A Christmas Story
Little Women
A Charlie Brown Christmas
It's a Wonderful Life
What's on yours?


danielle said...

Oh Little Women for sure, and I really love the Grinch with Jim Carry in it. and I really love Love Actually which is rated R, but I fast forward the naked parts which are totally stupid and have nothing to do with anything. Ah if only clean flicks was still around.

danielle said...

Oh also, Trav just bought all of the Lethal Weapon movies and assures me that they are also Christmas movies as all of the killing and blowing things up is set around Christmas time.

Emily said...

HA. could danielle be any funnier?
i think you pretty much covered all my Christmas faves. I love the old Dr. Seuss grinch -- it's a must watch for us at Christmas time. When I was little we used to watch Miracle on 34th Street -- haven't watched it for a long time, but kind of want to.

Eric, Halcyon, Viana and Brooke said...

Christmas with the Kranks.
A Must.

And While you were Sleeping.
Good all year, but extra good at Christmas :)

Sara said...

White Christmas- while setting up the Christmas Tree
The Grinch -with Jim Carrey
The Santa Claus 1,2,& 3
The night we saved Christmas
Home Alone 1,& 2
Miracle on 34th Street -the old one
Christmas Vacation
for some reason The Chronicles of Narnia gets watched every year.
Jeff Dunham Very Special Christmas Special.
The Holiday
and My list could go on. We try and do a Christmas movie everyday. My girls love their little cartoon ones. Which are all the Mickey Mouse ones and Classics I grew up watching.

lori said...

mmmm, same as your list with the addition of The Muppet Christmas Carol. And I'm with Em, gotta add the old Dr. Seuss (it's on daily at our house this month), and miriacle on 34th - old and new.

FUN. Wish you guys were around to bring some nanaimo bars over and watch a Christmas flick =)

LCM said...

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
Garfield's Christmas
Peanuts Christmas
White Christmas
Home Alone
Christmas Story, but only on Christmas Eve
Holiday inn
Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas and his Christmas Carol
I could go on and on! Oh one last: A Very Brady Christmas.