Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Keepin' it real for Sarah

I called my (more like a sister) cousin, Sarah today. She could tell from my congested "Hi, it's Anne!" that I wasn't feeling too hot. I told her how I've had a cold for a while, which turned into a wicked, debilitating headache most of this week (sinus infection? Finally gone thanks to the power of the priesthood. (I.totally.believe.)). And she wanted to know what in the heck I was doing posting about cupcakes when I should be posting about nasty used kleenex. So, Sarah, this one's for you. (And I would just like to add that on Monday I had a sweet afro and the only reason I still don't is that me and my sinus headache (my sinus headache and I) were invited to a luncheon yesterday.)
I then proceeded to tell Sarah that I have only gotten dressed once so far this week. "Oh yeah, and I'm sure you even have cute sweats, too!" she scoffed. So, Sarah-this is Exhibit B. These are my ginormous, stretched out, frayed black sweats. I think you can see the hole in the left thigh. My sweatshirt has a poorly mended torn sleeve, an ink stain, and a mysterious pink stain. Plus some bleach spots form attempted stain removal. I am still in mourning because I love that darn Canada sweatshirt. And my blue mocassins. Oh my dear mocassins. They REAK. No amount of washing can remove the stench. And such is the life of a girl with stinky feet.
So there, Sarah! It's not all pink ribbons and chocolate cake around here! HA! I miss you and hope you had fun reading this. My family thinks I'm such a dork for posting pictures of my entry rug; wait 'til they see this winner!



Sarah R. said...

Ah Anne, this is why I love you so. Although, I am fully aware that you had to make a special trip to Goodwill to find the outfit! Hope you're feeling better.

Megan said...

Ha! I still have a sweatshirt that I wear all the time that I refer to as "ugly gray sweatshirt from high school". I wore it to paint in a few weeks ago in hopes that I would destroy and have to throw it away. But i just couldn't do it. I still wear it even with the paint on it. And Aaron hates the thing, he's always telling me to get rid of it :)

Matt and Melody Odell said...

Everytime I go to your blog it makes me miss you so much and I don't know who Sarah R. is but I think she is spot on! I had the same nasty sinus infection and learned how to use a netti pot since I'm nursing and can't take anything, very interesting. Anyways also about the bachelor, I had the same thought about polygamy, it is all very sick.