Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Me, Katie, and my Inflated Ego

My niece, Katie, had a birthday recently. She was excited to bring cupcakes to share with her first grade class.

Katie: "Can Aunt Anne make them, Mom?"

Melissa: "No, Katie. We don't need to bother Aunt Anne with that. I'm your mother. I will make the cupcakes."

Katie: "Well, then I guess I just won't take any."

After that hilarious bit of passive aggression was related to me, I said c'mon! Let me make them. Katie selected a coconut masterpiece from one of my cupcake books, but owing to the fact that we did not have a ginormous supply of ferrero raffaelo truffles to stack on each cake, I offered another coconut option. I told her about how my friend Danielle made toasted coconut birds' nest cupcakes for a baby shower she hosted. Katie was satisfied with the description, so after she went to bed I zipped over to their house to help Melissa put them together.

Please note: I used a cake mix (almost always do). Melissa made the frosting and frosted them. I watched the oven toast the coconut. I put the cadbury chocolate eggs on top (arduous, I know).

When Katie came down for breakfast in the morning she saw the tray of cupcakes ready to accompany her to school. Squealing with delight she exclaimed, "See Mom, not only do Aunt Anne's taste the best, they're also the prettiest!!"

Melissa said as Katie carried them into her classroom she was beaming with pride. As people made comments like "Nice cupcakes," she replied, "My aunt made them!"

{Melissa didn't want to burst her (or my) bubble, but Katie, if you are reading this, your mom did just as much as I did. And she is a pretty darn good cupcake maker, too!
Aunt Anne}


Emily Anne said...

katie's so lucky to have such a great mom AND such a great aunt around. the cupcakes are dar.
what a fun easter idea!

danielle said...

Well my dear I think its safe to say that you are the QUEEN of cupcakes. Good job. (I am resisting the urge to use lots of cake puns).

I really wish I could see my husband building me a garden outside my window, instead of snow! Your pictures look great by the way. Your house is just coming right along.

saltbox girl said...

Those are adorable! What a great idea. I love the sugared blueberries, too. (I found you via cjane).

Katie and Brett said...

Those are so cute! I think I might just have to copy you...I totally want to make them for Easter!

families are forever said...

Anne , It is always fun to read your blog, what a wonderful life you have,even in the hard days you find joy! thanks for sharing! Smiles Danette