Friday, April 24, 2009


Hot dog!  I am feeling the love around here!

First of all, my sister-cousin, Christina, sent me some goodies, via Amazon.  She was thanking me for hosting her darling her family at the blue house during Pear Blossom Week, and now I am thanking her for the awesome books she sent me.  (Now does she have to thank me for thanking her?  It is all so confusing you know.)  I wrote about one of the books Christina sent me HERE.  Check it out.  You will LOVE!  Thanks again, Stina.  I am sooooo excited!  Come back to the Blue House anytime.  Actually, next visit: Seattle.  Pike Street Market.  YES!

Next item.  I won a sah-weet giveaway on one of my favorite sewing blogs, Modern Myrtle.  (1. Above image is from her website. 2. You gotta check her out; she is amazing!)  The fun part is that it's a surprise package giveaway!  I'll let you know what it is when it arrives!  

Heaven bless the postal service!

Oh, plus!  Did you hear?!  I have been nominated for Mom of the Year!  Check it out here.

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Sally said...

I am sooo jealous that you won Joni's giveaway. You'll have to let us know what fun things come in your surprise package.