Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I always had a crush on Carter.

(Now there's a blast from the past!)
I was with ER from the beginning. I watched Carol Hathaway and Doug Ross fall in love. And out. And in again. I saw Benton berate Carter. I watched Susan Lewis get on that train and wave goodbye to Mark Green.

My friend, Kate, and I used to cozy up in her parents' living room and plaster our eyes on the screen for the whole Thursday night hour. We felt like we knew those characters. They were a part of our lives.

Once at BYU, Kate and I found more ER friends who would skateboard over and join us and our roommates on Thursday nights. The cast changed along with us.

Then I went on my mission and lost touch. When I came home I found a totally unrecognizable cast and fell out of love. I caught an episode here and there but didn't really care. Kate remained true. And then, suddenly, it was 2009 and ER was about to end. One night on the treadmill I got re-hooked. And I was there in the end.

(Was that a melodramatic enough story about my relationship with a TV show??)

Your questions...

1. Do you know what movie guys created/produced/directed the show?
2. Do you know how long it ran?
3. Do you know what NBC show that was on before ER that landed George Clooney his role on ER?
4. Do you know the name of the actor that played Dr. Mark Green? Do you know what sweet old Tom Cruise movie he was in and what the name of his character was?
5. Do you remember Dr. Anna Del Amico from season 3? (She was my favorite.) Do you know who played her? (Hint: she later starred in Coyote Ugly (the dumbest movie ever).)
6. Were you in love with John Stamos these last couple years like I was? What sitcom did we first see him in(easiest question ever)?
7. Did you like the way it ended?
8. Who was your favorite character?
9. Who was your least favorite character?
10. What was your favorite episode?

I will miss it. (Thank heavens for DVDs and HULU.)


liz said...

I was just in a conversation about this where someone asked, "did anyone actually watch that show?" Hello! Pathetically, pretty sure I've seen every episode!

I'm inexplicably not in the mood for trivia today, but I will say that I've always enjoyed Abby, Neela, and that dashing Dr. Kovac. Imdb has the characters listed by how many episodes they appeared in. Fun. Also, I only saw the second half of the finale, but I liked how in many ways, it was just like a regular episode. Some shows have such a dramatic finale that they aren't true to themselves (Seinfeld?).

Jacque said...

Wow that was one loaded post.
1. Michael Crichton was one of the movies dudes I don't know the other without cheating.
2. It began the fall of 1993. I had been married one month and was hooked. It is kinda sad because E.R. has been around as long as my marriage. Not much in Hollywood has that kind of longevity
3. I know Clooney was on Facts of Life but I don't know if that is what you are referring to.
4. Love love love Anthony Edwards (Dr. Greene). Sobbed like a baby when he died. He is from Top Gun as Goose. I saw this movie in the theater for a beehive class activity (I know, right?) I was so embarrassed.
5. Favorite character. Too tough to call. It's like picking a favorite child. I hated to see each one go one by one. Even Gerry the clerk.
6. Least Favorite hmmm other than the annoying children here and there, I guess Dr. Romano or Dr. Malucci.
7. Favorite episode. My DVR erased most of this seasons boohoo a few that stand out are when Dr. Greene lost the pregnant mother due to eclampsia. I was prego at the time and I am sobbing and I look at my hubby and he is bawling too. My next Dr. appointmentthe Doc. said okay first things first did you see E.R.? Let me clear a few things up! So funny. Another favorite was when Carter was stabbed and as he fell down to the ground he turned and saw Lucy gasping for a breath. Sooo riveting. I like the happy ones too.
Thanks for letting me mourn my show.

Kate said...

1. Michael Crichton, John Wells (how many times did I see their names flash on the screen after an episode?)
2. 15 glorious years
3. Sisters?
4. Anthony Edwards (my TV crush - I know thats weird) He was Goose in Top Gun.
5. Maria Bello (and I know... she just disappeared! And we wanted her and Carter to get together SO BAD!) But I think if you re-watched you wouldn't really like her as much as you remember.
6. I took a while to warm up to Gates, probably because he was just always uncle Jesse to me. Oh Full House.
7. I did like the way it ended. I thought they did the whole last season pretty well (granted the early years were still way better). I especially liked how they showed the whole hospital at the very end (in the closing scene). They've never done that before and I just liked it. You know life goes on one tragedy/catastrophe at a time. Still think they're at County General probably dealing with a case of smallpox or tragic train wreck.
8. This is a hard one. I think Dr. Greene takes first. But I really loved Carter too. Loved Abby too.
9. Dr. Maggie Doyle (aka Jorja Fox formally of CSI). Blah.
10. Good question. I'd have to say the one that always stuck with me was the one when Greene died. Cried like a baby. Love(d) him. Also really amazing series of episodes was based around "Love's labor lost" I mean so powerful! What Greene had to go through, such good writing. Dr. Ross saving the boy in the drain. He was such a cowboy. And handsome too. But still Greene has my heart. Re-watching several seasons I just loved watching Carter grow up and watch his life (albeit a made up one - but I still LOVED it!) Watching Benton with his son was so tender, especially the second time around. Made me love him more. Oh when the helicopter fell on Romano! Then no one noticed he was gone! I mean after he gets his arm chopped off by one! Awesome!

Ok, it's obvious I loved ER. I guess I did watch it half my life. All the previews for the new "ER of cop dramas" taking it's place, I don't buy it.

How's that for a TT answer? Thanks for calling Sat night! It was fun to talk ER.