Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pretties and links

This morning I am enjoying the pretty things and getting motivated to do projects.

I am still loving the simplicity of my May mantel, while getting excited for my state fair zinnias and glads to bloom so they can make up June's mantel.

I am making a wants list for my trip to San Antonio, which boasts some seriuosly spectacular shopping that I have been stashing money away for. On the list--peeptoes, a funky belt to wear with my trouser jeans, and a dress. In the meantime, I have been oohing and ahhing over this dress and these ones, too (no I am not pregnant, but I am really into maternity fashion, OK?).

And remember when I won a giveaway from Modern Myrtle? Oh man, she is the coolest. She sent me this fabric and this pattern to make a pillow...

and this fabric and
this pattern to make Kimono Baby Shoes. I can't wait to get going on these! Thanks, Joni!!

And my friend,
Jen, is going to help me make a skirt out if this:

Plus I'm headed to the fabric store to get fabric for a banner for Blaine's room. The repaint is finished (and thankfully I love it) and I can't wait to show you the completed room!

AND. Oh baby, Taylor's Grandma sold us this gem of a chair which is a perfect size for our living room which is in severe need of seating options. It is cozy, it rocks, it swivels. And it is a beauty.

"Make slipcover" has made its way to the top of my projects list.


danielle said...

Oh sorry to hear about your mom's finger! When I read about it I was having all kinds of thoughts about your dad had to come get us after my dad got his finger smashed.

Hope her hair doesn't suffer too much;). Your mom is quite a woman to look up to!

(also can't wait to see Blaine's room)

Sarah R. said...

We're so excited that you're headed our way. I've been making all kinds of lists for you: restaurants, shops, farmers market, museums... hopefully you'll find something to occupy your time while you're here!

Elizabeth said...

What a fun post!! I LOVE fabric, I am completely addicted to buying it. So, maybe you can suggest something that would go good for the Amy Butler Birdie Sling pattern, I can't seem to find the right match of patterns. And let us know when (and how) you recover that chair, because we have the exact style of chair in our front room that could use a little makeover as well.