Thursday, May 28, 2009

I like my job.

Last night I was feeling snarky that my husband was perusing the Wall Street Journal while I was feeding the children a bedtime snack. While Blaine drank his banana milk I glanced at my computer, where I had read this earlier. As I remembered how each of those families--friends back in Utah--is suffering, and remembered that my mom now only has 9 digits, I wanted to slap myself.
Then I was reminded that I spent my day sewing while my children played happily outside with their cousins. And Taylor spent his day dealing with cranky customers and came home to a messy house where his wife and children (and dinner) were absent. And I wanted to slap myself even harder.

So I quit tidying up the kitchen (with my martyr face on) and sat down to enjoy the evening with Taylor. We had a good laugh about this exchange with Blaine this morning:

while looking at a picture book depicting the birth of Christ, with a picture of the shepherds and sheep up on a grassy hill...

B: What are those sheep doing up there?
me: Maybe they're getting a drink.
B: But there's no water.
me: That's true. Maybe their getting some exercise.
B: But there's no treadmills!
Bottom line: My kids throw fits and I change really stinky diapers, but my job is really, really fun. I think we stay-at-home-mothers sometimes play the martyr a little too much and forget that every career has tedious, mundane, thankless aspects to it. The following picture parade is a reminder to me of how good my life is. No more snarking. Amen.


Katie said...

It is a good job, but it's nice to be reminded sometimes. Just wanted to let you know that Raising Helen is on Bravo tonight, it comes on twice!

Joan said...

UM, who on earth is that toddler you are holding?! Rog?! What happened to your baby? He is so grown up, Anne..and that blonde hair? TDF.

The Ramptons said...

It really is a great job. It is good to be reminded of. And by the that a farmer tan line I detect in the last pic.?? We will have to work on that in a couple weeks huh?? WOOO HOOOO!! Pool time baby!

danielle said...


and I can't wait to see what you are sewing!