Monday, June 1, 2009

Gift advice??

This morning I walked into my niece, Katie's little school to drop off her white T-shirt for her afternoon project. Being in an elementary school brings me exhilaration and joy in a way that I cannot adequately describe.
Of course Katie was surprised and thrilled to see me, and all the kids were interested in me and my crew (Rog was a serious celebrity).

Katie is in the first grade (although her vocabulary and reading ability will surpass mine any day now) and her little brother, Simon, is in Kindergarten. They attend the same school their dad (and all his siblings) did, and they have excellent teachers. Their mother, Melissa, is on the lookout for the perfect thank-you gifts for them.

Can you help a sista out? I told Melis to steer cleer of any cheesy garbage with apples on it or anything that says "A+ teacher." (Duh.) She wants something useful and meaningful. Do you have any perfect suggestions?

Note: Simon's teacher is a woman, in her 50s or so. Katie's is a man, middle-aged.

Thanks, friends. Yer the best.


Emily said...

Let me think on the gift ideas...

I made Claire's little party hats. When all the kids were wearing them, it looked pretty cute.

A button is coming soon! I am in the process of naming and designing a logo for my little business... I will let you know.

Miss you.

Barb @ getupandplay said...

A lot of my friends are teachers and they usually say they appreciate practical gifts like gift cards. Not as fun to buy, but sure to be a hit every time.

families are forever said...

Digital storybooks with pictures from the class are great!

Summer fun kits.

dinner out gift cards.

Jacque said...

All of my kids' teachers have their own library in their classroom so maybe a book or two for their library. Or even some gently used ones to help add to their collection. Maybe even a cute pail full of supplies she can keep on hand for next year. Just a thought.

Sally said...

I know hand sanitizer is always appreciated. For valentines day this year I peeled the labels off some and then decorated them with stickers, vellum, and ribbon. They turned out super cute and very cheap.

Melissa said...

If you want to make something crafty here are a few links of ideas. gifts

Year of no Fear said...

Here is one of my favorite craft ideas link

Good luck!

Jen said...

One year for Tarryn's preschool teachers we made cookie flower boquets. They turned out really cute, super easy and tasty at that...if you like crunchy cookies.

If you want I can help...let me know.

Holly Llewellyn said...

I saw these cute ideas...

Buy icecream bowls, fun cloth napkins, and and a gift card to cold stone or some other icecream place (use the napkins to look like icecream by rolling them into a ball shape and putting them in the bowls)

Find a cute summer type bag and fill it with a bright towel (walmart $5), oldnavy $5.00 flip flops, and some fun inexpensive sunglasses

Last but not least- Target often has cardboard popcorn bowls in the dollar spot, fill them with movie tickets or gift cards and yummy candies to take to the theater!

Toria said...

I remembered reading this post and I came back to browse the ideas people left.
I'm gonna have to check out the links.
your blog is so fun!