Friday, May 8, 2009

We're so glad when Daddy comes home

Here's what you didn't know. Taylor has been gone for 2 weeks. Doing business and eating good cheese in Germany, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, and England (sort of). When you're at home alone with your 2 babes you just don't feel comfortable telling the world wide web about it (even when your neighbor has an extensive gun collection).

Best Mothers' Day present ever.


Elizabeth said...

Those are the best pictures of a homecoming! Way to go super mom, hope you get a relaxing mother's day!

The Ramptons said...

We are soooo glad he made it home!

The Lindsey Ladies said...

Yay! Taylor made it home! What a great Mother's Day Present. And those pictures say it all.

Joan said...

TWO WEEKS!? Sheesh. You're brave. I would be a mess.
I'm so glad daddy is home :)