Monday, July 27, 2009

I pledge my allegiance to Girls' Camp


It's tough to re-cap camp. But I'll try.

friendships strengthened
sleep missed
nature appreciated
firesides given
delightfully obnoxious songs sung
mountains climbed
luxury granted (see above pic. nothing better than a post-hike foot soak.)
pranks pulled (my favorite was the ginormous brazier...)
waistlines widened (ah, those glorious scotcheroos!)
girl drama tempered
memories made
virtue promised
Spirit felt

I love camp. I always will. It's harder when you have to leave your babes--that's for sure. I have a new appreciation for the sacrifices these women all made for me when I was a girlie. It was a pleasure to be up there among such extraordinary women and girls.


Emily said...

Looks like you had a great time... i wish I could of been there with you!

Kate said...

Sounds like fun. My mom told me a couple funny stories like "furl your virtur" and I was dying laughing! My mom says you are such a good leader. She loves watching you with the girls. Those girls are lucky to have you.

Lisa Funk said...

I just love that I took one glance at that photo and knew you were reading Real Simple. We love camp!

The Ramptons said...

Yeah right Emily, don't act like you like girls camp!!! You are just like me, we never did, nor will we ever love girls camp! ha ha