Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The past few days have been full of the kind of presh-ness that can't adequately be captured by a camera, or even by words. Desirous to follow my mantra and "be here now," I used my camera little, my to-do list less, and just marinated in the moments.

Moments like standing on a bridge in the middle of a forest on a Sunday afternoon with the loves of my life and looking up at the bright green trees, glowing with sunlight.

Moments like later that evening when Blaine wanted to play 'baby.' So I cradled him up, and rocked him in our rainbow-striped rocker and sang to him.

Watching the boys clamor for a spot on the couch next to daddy--wrestling like bear cubs.

Watching my toddler become a boy right before my eyes. Hearing him say things like, "Have a good sleep, mom. I hope you have dreams about butterflies and nice ladybugs that don't bite and good monsters!"

Watching my baby become a toddler. Throwing balls. Running. Eating us out of house and home. Finding his voice.

I have a happy little life.

And today is Taylor's birthday. And do you know what he wants? A clean car and a family yard work day. He is a real gem, I'll tell you what.


Emily said...

Anne- I would LOVE to be your blogging friend

Joan said...

That pic of Blaine is perfect with his shirt on backward and the noodle necklace.
Ps: how do you get your pics so big?

Cat Zimmer said...

This picture gave me a good chuckle, just what I needed.