Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The big day is here!!!!

I introduce you to Bloom--my latest project. I have been collaborating with my long time friend, Emily Anne, on this new blog, and we are super excited about it! Come on over today (and every day) to see what we're all about. Tell your friends, grab our button, enter our giveaway tomorrow. Get ready to bloom with us! (Again, HERE is the link!)



Jason and Rachel said...

Anne...I love the site! I look forward to all the creative things and words of wisdom you girls have to offer!

Lakes are Great said...

woot woot! way to go anne! love it.

Dcropper12 said...

yeah anne and em! lets go out for a treat to celebrate tomorrow!

Dcropper12 said...

oh oops, that was bec...i'm on Dan's computer.