Thursday, August 13, 2009


So Joan requested to see my favorite dance of the season. Taylor couldn't believe I could choose a fave. There were so many unbelievable dances, but this one does it for me every time. The choreographers, Napoleon and Tabitha D'Umo, are a darling married couple who seriously work hip-hop. The story behind this song is about a couple fighting...and then you see them work it out. I love the story, I love Jeanine's darling little grin when Phillip touches her face. I am BLOWN AWAY by their ability to pop and the subtle nuances in both the choreography and performance. As a dancer, this is the most difficult style for me, so maybe that's why I love this dance and appreciate their ability so much. Enjoy!


Alicia said...

That was one of my faves, too! I love Tabitha and Napoleon! I feel like they were on a lot more this season and I loved it!

Joan said...

YAY! Thanks for fulfilling my request. Gosh, I feel loved :)
Amazing performance.

MLFong said...

I love love love this one too! (actually, I missed the last half of the season!)