Monday, August 17, 2009

Mom, flowers, growth

Look, Mom! The flowers we planted that day continue to flourish in the yard and brighten up the blue house. Don't they look beautiful?

Think of how far we've come since that day. Your darling little E.T. hand is really coming along. You're walking great. You have more energy and are nearly back to normal. I know you have a lot of pain still, but I thought a good reminder of your progress was in order. I think you're healing beautifully. And you can even hold Rog.

I could really wax symbolic here and talk all about how zinnias are the heartiest of flowers, how they just keep growing and blooming all summer long, how they have endured earwig infestation, how they make me smile every time I turn the corner and see the blue house or glance at my kitchen table, how-even after cutting them-they just last and last, how they make me happy. A good choice for that day if I do say so myself.



p.s. dear readers, speaking of growing, there are bigger and better things from me on the


rhall said...

Thanks, Anne. Quite a summer! I keep taking pictures of zinnias too! Life is good.

Joan said...

Are you pregnant? :)

Mrs. Cropper said...

haha joan! not pregnant.

Jenn said...

what are the odds that you know Lisa - and I work with her in YW?!? I should have known - since you know everyone :)
so sad you were SO close, but didn't have a chance to actually see you... what a tease!
miss you - love your writing - you make me smile...

Alicia said...

my first thought was also pregnant! ha.