Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Just in time for fall

I am here to report that we are back at the blue house. Safe, sound, and upchuck (that's what Grandma Tillie would say) free. (Three cheers for Dramamine!) The trip home was a raving success. Here is what we looked like for 12 solid hours.

Rog snuggled with his 'muntees'

Blaine watched oodles of Baby Einstein and Thomas the Train and I praised our DVD player yet again.

Check out Mr. Serious Pants. (Drinking a nasty Red Bull is serious business.) He is a machine. 12 hours, 0nly stopping for peeing and fuel. Way to work it, dear. (Whoa. That is quite a shot of my large nostrils. My apologies.)
We rolled in last night and our house smelled like smoke. (Because of these fires in our valley last week that evacuated several of our near and dears.) Even though I was sad to leave Utah, it feels good to be home. I like my blue house. I like being with my stuff. (How does that saying go? "Home is where the Kitchenaid is?") I like cutting my last few hot pink zinnias and putting them in my green vase and planning all the magic decor that will go up in 2 more days.

This morning was Blaine's first day of our little pre-school co-op. This is the best shot I could get of him. He was too involved in puzzles to say cheese. After pre-school while we had our 2 extra boys for the afternoon, Nana stopped by, toting 5 gallons of milk and juice, eggs, bananas, and English muffins, because 'there were great coupons at Fred Meyer.' I really like my mom. Then Blaine and I made chocolate chippers while Rog napped. We took the cookies to share after dinner at my parents' house. We dined on salad and homemade bread and discussed England, grass-fed beef, and the latest in Newsweek. Then Rog made his best animal sounds for Grandpa. I really like my dad.

It's good to be home after all.


Megan said...

You're the cutest, Anne.

Now, my question. Did you do that to Blaine's collar or was that his own innate style that took over? Either way it's rockin'.

lori said...

Glad you made it safely!

jayniemoon said...

Yes, I'm sure it's nice to be back, but we really do like you here too. I may just call and tell you the pipes at grandma's house are broken and spouting water so you'll come back every so often.
Thanks for commenting so I could find you!