Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Karaoke Stars and other trivia

Happy B.day, Karen!

(Please note the 'No smoking, No Drinking, No cursing on stage' sign. Awesome.)

1. Last Thursday evening I went out with some friends to celebrate my friend, Karen's birthday. As it turns out, Karen is a friggin' amazing singer. During dinner, Karen recounted the stories of her two American Idol auditions. Then we went to Rumors Karaoke Bar to put her to the test. Oh. My. Gosh. Seriously, amazing. I don't know what those chumps at Idol were thinking, because let's get this one thing straight. They missed out.

We all died laughing about a group of Mormon ladies sauntering into a cheesy bar in downtown Medford and announcing we wouldn't be drinking. The lady at the bar: "Well you can't sing karaoke if you don't buy something." Us: "Oh, don't worry! We'll buy something." So we all ordered Shirley Temples, Julie slapped some cash down on the bar, and we marched back to choose our songs. So hilarious. Between all of us we have like 29 billion children and here we are at some random bar (thankfully not a slimy, smoky bar or anything) sipping ST's and singing our hearts out. It was SUCH a ball! I didn't really know what to expect going into Karaoke night, but it turns out it was serious soul candy! So fun. Don't you worry. I rocked me a little "I will Survive," "The Sweater Song" (with Amy), and "Cowboy Take me Away." Loved it.

2. Next. I love LOVE Glee. It has every element that Anne loves, all in one show!
b) sharp, biting humor
c) quirky charachters
It's like someone put 'Ed' to music. I LOVE IT!

3. Finally. Did you see Where the Wild Things Are this weekend? We did. We were not disappointed. LOVED it. Some things I wasn't expecting. First, it is not a kids' movie. I wouldn't take anyone younger than 10 or 12. It's both intense and deep. Second, I didn't expect to get so emotional. Within the first 10 minutes I was a disaster because there was an emotional scene between Max and his mother that I have lived with my own little wild thing many times before. And Max was acting out because he needed attention and love. Wwwhhoa. Serious wake-up call. Anyway, fabulous soundtrack, amazing costuming, great voices, great symbolism and parallels between the wild things' world and Max's world. We loved it.

As a bit of trivia, I recognized the wild thing, Judith's voice immediately. Anyone know who it was?



Jody Zimmer said...


and thats how sue sees it. (picture me cupping my hand in the form of a "c" next to my face as i say that)

lori said...

you're way too fun, my dear!

annie moffat karcher said...

1. OH how I love Glee! My new favorite show. and that's how sue see's it. lol 2. the person who plays judith on WTWTA is Catherine O'Hara. I haven't actually seen the movie yet but before it came out in theaters I checked IMDB.com, she was mrs prysselius in pippi lonstocking, and kate mccallister in home alone 1 and 2, and Delia Deetz in beetle juice, and tina in chicken little, and penni in over the hedge. Just to name a few of my favorite.

Joan said...

HA! I just got back from Jessica's house...where we watched GLEE!!! I love it.
The idea of a bunch of LDS mommies in a bar in Medford, no less--singing karaoke makes me happy :)

The Shields Fam said...

Angela told me you guys had a great time! I'm not missing out next time!