Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Trivial run-down (it's been awhile.)

(what I'm gleefully watching on my treadmill these days. thanks, abcfamily)

In trivial news:
-Finally got to see Julie & Julia. Loved it as much as I hoped for. Amy Adams, Meryl Streep, Stanley Tucci, Nora Ephron. Love you all.

-Also saw The Proposal. Thought the premise was cute. Love Sandra and Ryan. And then it got so, so silly! Too silly. And I can never look at Oscar (from The Office) in the same way again.

-Speaking of The Office (and silliness), was anyone else severely disappointed in the wedding episode? Seriously, what the heck? After a while, Taylor was like, "Wait, are we watching Mr. Bean or The Office?" Bummer.

-And do you want to hear something rad? I have a gajillion channels again. Because it was cheaper than my 24 channels (20 of which seemed to be home shopping). I heart Dish Network. And. AND! Do you know anyone with DVR on their treadmill? You do now! Running just got so much better! Taylor and I are loving it. (Note. Let me say for the record that Taylor hates the ugly dish on our house and also hates that we have that many channels. He is worried that it is going to ruin our life. But, as I told him the night of the installation, we are too busy to get sucked in. So far, so good. Phewf! Now Taylor will not be cross about this post. Because, you know, Taylor gets so cross about things...)

And finally, have you voted for your favorite photo yet? Get to Bloom! Voting ends tonight!


Marlo said...

Gilmore Girls!!! My favorite fall, winter, whenever show to watch. Now if I only had cable, or Dish or anything! PS It was so great to see you in Utah. I'll send you the pics of Blaine when I get the laundry under control.

Joan said...

Taylor and I are one in the same in regard to the blasted old time sucking machine called television! YUCK!
With that being said, I adore Mike Rowe and his show, "Dirty Jobs." Other than that...HGTV (all the home decorating ideas, etc) LOVE IT! Especially "Color Splash" with David Bromstad. The guy is a stud!
I'm jealous now...I want a treadmill and DVR :) It's okay...you can be skinny and fit for the both of us, okay?
Ps: I won! How fun is that? :)

Jacque said...

I heart my Gilmore Girls!

Amanda said...

Ack! You got Dish???? Had you come to my ACN event you would have learned that you would have saved much $$ signing up your Dish through me.