Monday, February 1, 2010

It Started with Cookie

This Valentine's Day will mark 25 years since Cookie and her husband, Nazih's first date. So, in Cookie's words, "Valentine's Day is extra special."
Cookie is one of my mothers. And I am one of her daughters. A long-time friend of my parents, I had only ever heard of Cookie until I became a Mormon missionary and ended up in her neighborhood. She took care of me in the cold winters of Northeast Ohio. I taught her a bit about my faith. She taught me a lot about life.

I could write a thousand posts of what I've learned from Cookie. I could write about blending families and cultures beautifully. I could write about overcoming life's trials. I could also write about the best place to buy hummus or where to find the fanciest shoes.

But today is February 1st. February 1st! (Oh the glory of this red and pink time of year!) So today I write about Cookie's Valentine's Day Party tradition.

Every year Cookie hosts an extraordinary Valentine's Day party-- complete with lunch, a fancy cake, games, and love enough to go around. She sends out charming invites and bedecks the house with hearts. All guests are required to wear red and pink.

Fabulous, right?

So I took a cue from Cookie and adopted the same tradition. My tradition is pretty simple. I invite by email or word of mouth. And I don't even do lunch. Just cupcakes (of course).

This was Valentine's Day 2009

And I am busy planning Vday 2010.

I will do the same brownie heart cupcakes as last year, plus I'm thinking some red velvet cakes with cream cheese frosting and raspberries, and some double vanilla cupcakes with vintage cupcake toppers.

I love these. (Find them here.)

Also these. (Available here.)

I'm making 2 Vday pennant banners--one with large red pennants, one with small pink pennants. Instructions here.

I'll grab some cute plates/napkins/etc. at the dollar store and serve milk with the cupcakes. And that's it. For me, the fun is in the decor and the cupcakes, and the children's eyes.

Of course you can make it as simple or elaborate as you wish, but, either way, I highly recommend that you adopt this tradition. 'Cause here at the blue house, we LOVE Valentine's Day. It helps us shake the dreary out of winter and flutters up our hearts.

Hope you'll join us in the tradition! Send us pics and links if you do!

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