Monday, February 8, 2010

Update: Rog

I've had a few requests for some babe updates. I was upset with myself when I looked through my files and had hardly any photos of the boys from the past month or so. I promise to do better!

Today you get the Rog update.

Rog is definitely almost two. He is perfecting his blood curdling scream. You never know if he is frustrated with the tower he's building, mad at his brother for stealing a lego, or having his toes bitten off my wolves. Seriously. He screams the same level of murder for everything. It's pretty awesome.
He is also perfecting the tantrum. He is impressively fast at throwing his body down on the floor. For the vertical version, he stomps one foot over and over. Honestly, it's hilarious and darling. We can't stop laughing when he does it, which, of course, infuriates him even more!
His vocabulary is ever growing and his voice darling. Though he's a bit tantrumy (see above) and still a pill about going to sleep, his face still melts me, and now his voice does too.
I think he may have some OCD! He becomes totally obsessed with things. Current obsessions:
1. gum (he searches my purse and the cupboards shouting 'gummy! gummy!')
2. Perfection (that awesome shapes game from my childhood. he is outstanding at it, and he begs for me to get it from the closet constantly)
3. Baby Dean (his one-year-old cousin. it is unbelievably cute to watch them interact.)
4. Birthday cake (he wants to blow out candles every 3 seconds. it's hilarious/drives me insane. 'cannels, mom! cannels! boh (blow)! cannels! birt-day keek! cannels! then he starts singing the song... we humor him often, as in the photo above--a candle in his tortellini soup ;)
The bottom line is this. Roger isn't a baby anymore! It's a little bit devastating. The other day he fell asleep in the car. When we arrived home I pulled him out and let him sleep for an hour on my chest. Holding a sleeping babe made me so happy. It had been too long.
p.s. for some reason, whenever I'm going to post something on Tuesday, I still feel the need to discuss some pop culture. So, let me say this. We saw Avatar in 3-D this weekend. And WHOA. This is me, bowing down to James Cameron. I'm not a huge movie-in-the-theater person. The cost usually motivates me to wait until a movie comes to Redbox. But sincerely, this movie is all (more?) it's cracked up to be. And seeing it in 3-D on the big screen was INCREDIBLE. If you see one movie in the theater this year, make it this one. Beautiful, inspiring, thought-provoking, completely original. Loved it, loved it.


O'Grady Meyers said...

He is a gorgeous little boy Anne!

Anonymous said...

OH MAN! Reading about Rog, the flu, Project Runway, and all the events in your life makes me miss you and yours so much!

The Fool on the Hill said...

Oh. I didn't mean to be anonymous. Whoops.