Thursday, February 11, 2010

the swirling thoughts in my head

(before the haircut. that chair is sickening. i love that blaine is obsessed with Berenstain Bears. how could i be so ungrateful?)

It is 11:23 and I'm still in my green sweats and gray hoodie. I have my fuggs on, too, because I had to go outside to take some photos of our new camelias. But I should take them off because I don't have socks on. And, in case you didn't know, stinky feet are a problem of mine. Gross.

I'm thrilled to watch my boys play together. Of course every few minutes I have to run upstairs because someone is screaming about something. But then they go back to working together on legos or putting all of the wooden animals in the mini-ark and I love it.

I need to spend tomorrow cleaning. Really cleaning. I am getting ready for cupcake party 2010 on Saturday (are you coming? didn't get a fancy invitation? that's 'cause i don't send them out. this is your fancy invitation.).

A couple days ago I was having some major internal struggles. Not feeling satisfied with my life, craving more excitement. Then I prayed and I realized that I was being completely ungrateful. I felt ashamed. I told the Lord I was sorry for my ingratitude and started loving my life again. Prayer works. Amen.

I got really blunt bangs last weekend. I'm still working on styling them. My mom says, 'whatever you like.' Taylor says, 'whatever you like.' You know what that means. ;)

Yesterday I helped Emily design her living room. I gotta say, I think all the HGTV and Better Homes and Gardens is paying off, because I think it was a major success. Very cozy layout. High five, Em!

Yesterday was spent muchly in preparation for a big etiquette dinner with the youth in our church. They all looked so darling in their 'dressy casual.' Taylor and I are chaperoning a dance for our valentine's date, and you know what? We love it.

I have finally started making my bed every day. Whoa. It really does make a difference--I am converted.

OK. I have a pennant banner to sew and I need to go for a run. I'll probably watch an old episode of Glee while I run. As always. (Do you think I could guest star on Glee? Maybe?)

happy thursday.


Christina said...

Love that picture of you and the boys. Love Glee. Love you.

Laurie said...

While readinf People magazine I thought of you....If it makes you feel any better Beyonce had "severe wide '60s style bangs" because one of the L'Oreal models had them...she is trying to grow them out now. I am sure that they look fine

annie said...

At what point do I get to be you? :) You make me smile and inspire me to be better. My pennant banners have been hanging for a week-I just loved the idea. We had our party yesterday and it was fun, fun! Thanks for sharing all your great ideas.

Melody Odell said...

I love your swirling thoughts and I miss them. Why didn't we get to see a picture of your blunt cut bangs? You are such a beautiful momma

Joan said...

Another "real" post from Anne. Love it.
I joined the blunt bang club. You will be happy you did too...just give it time.
My favorite days are the ones I let go and embrace my sweats.
Making your bed is as refreshing at washing your eye boogery morning face, no? I'm glad you are converted to such a simple yet rewarding thing.
I miss you...and can I join you for the living room make-overs at Ems? Please?