Thursday, March 18, 2010


We had to postpone celebrating Rog's birthday, since we still had the sickies at the blue house on his real one. As fate would have it, the day we had his cupcakes scheduled for was his worst day on record. He was up at 5 a.m. screaming at me, unsatisfied by any of my offerings. He wouldn't sit through more than 30 seconds of church, so I spent an hour circling the building with him. He was irrational and sassy and TWO all day.

Thankfully, he and I got some sleep in the late afternoon, so we were both rational enough to celebrate his existence. Because darn, it's a really darling existence.

While Rog and I napped, Taylor the cake master (honestly, I keep trying to tell him to go into business) was at work.

(Actually, really simple stuff. Flat frosting tip for body, tootsie roll feet and nose, starburst face with mike-n-ike eyes.)

I know that was a lot of nearly identical pictures, but I am so enamored by my three handsome boys that I couldn't help myself.

Of course Blaine threw a huge fit that he didn't get the cupcake with the face on it.
"Show me how the piggies eat, Rog!" (He did this totally of his own accord. Funny boy.)


Jen said...

I love it Anne!

families are forever said...

very fun!!!! love mommies little piggy!

Katie said...

Your boys are so handsome. But that Rog is seriously something else. How do you ever get mad at that face?

Joan said...

Tay is the cake master! SUCH a creative genius that boy is :) .... and stinkin' handsome to boot!
Happy Birthday, beautiful Rogie. Love, Aunt Joanie

brittani c. said...

Taylor puts my cake artistry to shame. It looks like Eric Carle himself came to bring you a caterpillar cupcake creation. Big WOW!

tiana lachelle said...

Your boys are getting so old!!

Sally said...

Wow, that cake looks amaxing and Rog is ADORABLE!

david + vanessa said...

oh i really like that cake idea!