Thursday, March 25, 2010

Writing it down

This is a post about my boys. First of all, how cute is this pic? We ground wheat on Monday to make calzone dough. Do you have a wheat grinder? Does it sound like a jet? Ours does.
We are in the phase of life in which everything Blaine and Roger say is so dang cute and funny that I can't write it all down fast enough. (We are also in the phase of life in which at least once a week I am so exhausted of breaking up fights and dealing with whining and sassing that I'm ready to throw in the towel. Just to be clear.)(Um, sorry for the tangent, but how impressive is this tower? Completely perfect color and shape patterns--I did not help AT ALL. This was completely Blaine's creation. It blew my mind.)

So anyway, today you get a smattering of quotables.

At the grocery store with my boys (who are unbelievably good at the store--please never let me forget that)...

Blaine: "Ooh, Mom! Can we please get some of those things that look like palm trees?!" (artichokes)


"Mom! I've never had one of those purple things before!"

"That's an eggplant. Would you like to get an eggplant?"

"Yes! I have to try new things!"


"Mom are you going to eat some of my kiwis?"

"Oh, maybe. I'm not a huge fan of kiwi."

"But Mom! You have to try new things!"

(thanks, Green Eggs and Ham!)

One of my favorite Blaine-isms is that he got the notion of 'google' being a very large number from his cousins. Of course his cousin, Mary, calls it 'goo goo' and Blaine calls it 'goo goo goggles' (think Dr. Seuss's ABC book!)

So it goes something like this:
"Mom, can I have some chocolate chips?"

"Just one."

"But I need goo goo goggles chocolate chips!"

But, with Blaine there is one over-arching, end all, defining thing in his life right now.

No, seriously. He stomps everywhere. He has claws. Sometimes he makes himself a tail. He gets furious when I won't paint him black (like the T-Rex on Fantasia--the movie that started this obsession).

He told me recently that when he's older he'll be a real T-Rex and then he's moving away to Fantasia with Mary Cropper (his favorite human). And she's the only one who's coming because 'I only like Mary.'

I asked, "But I will be so lonely without you."

His quick reply: "You can watch movies, Mom."
Then there's Rog. Yes, he really fell asleep in the middle of calzone dinner.

This boy has dozens of new words and phrases each week, and the way he talks is endearing to no end.

My favorite game we play usually starts when I'm changing his diaper:

Me: you're a stinky boy!
Rog: no you a tinkaboy!

and then I start taking some liberties like...

Me: you're beautiful!
Rog: no you booful!

Me: you're awesome!
Rog: no you om!

It's pretty fun.

I like my boys.
A lot.


lori said...

Oh, that is all so so dear! I miss Blaine! And mourn the fact that I barely know Rog!

Hope all is well in your home! Thinking about you lots!

(LOVED the very hungry caterpillar! Did I ever say that??!)

Joan said...

I am SO blown away by Blaine's tower. The shape alone is unbelievable (like, I couldn't even make something like that?!) Then the color pattern!? WHOA.
I think Rog is the darn cutest boy in town.

Kara Lee Robinson said...

Anne, I love you and your boys are ADORABLE!!! I wanted to let you know that Blaine is is actually the word for a very large number. :) You have a smart boy!

Kate said...

I loved this post. And seriously Blaine's tower... wow. Cute boys you have! Lucky girl!

Lindsay said...

Hooooooly cow your boys are soo big! Wow I can't believe it! I miss you guys pleeease move back here soon! :)