Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What the April?

April was busy and good.


Egg dying, baskets, Make Way for Ducklings, General Conference, grape juice, asparagus, saving plenty of plastic eggs for little brother...


Deliriously silly and dramatic at 7 a.m.

Taylor looks like the J Crew model I cut out of catalogs in high school.

Running to Christina's music because my ipod wasn't charged and I threw a fit about running without music. Good thing for Beyonce's Survivor. "I'm not gon' give up either, Beyonce!"

Opting for the 5K this year=good decision

The real runners--Taylor, Christina, Brian, and Steven--ran the 10 mile.

Rog's grin=cheesier than the nips


the hostess apron I made for her shower gift--maybe my favorite yet

the beaming bride, at the beach bonfire the night before

Jaime worked the vintage glam look. Totally gorgeous. Don't mind the ginormous scaffolding (for cleaning) on the beautiful San Diego temple.

groomsmen in vans

bridesmaids in handmade-by-Jaime feather hair pieces

A few shots of the reception--on the beach in Del Mar

getting ready to catch Danny for a pic


Plenty of Taylor's obsession (pinkberry), holding that darling baby Gretta, shopping at the Grove (LA) and the Promenade (Santa Monica), and chatting it up. Heavenly.

Farmers Market (eat Brazilian, shop, eat Japanese, shop, eat donut, shop=greatest day ever!)

Santa Monica Pier
In other April news... Taylor saved us from a house fire (you probably saw that on Bloom), my health is improving, it rained all month long, we are preparing for my b-i-l, Ian's wedding, Glee is back on (though I think they're taking teenage sexuality too far), Seth Aaron won Project Runway (hallelujah!), and my sister, Liz, moved to Santiago, Chile.

Officially ready for sunshine,


annie said...

You're back! I always love reading your posts! Glad all seems to be going well.

brittani c. said...

Awww! Jaime is an adorable bride. She's a fashionista. How fun that you got to be a part of it! Thanks for the pics.

Notes from Chrystal said...

Dear Anne,

I love you're aprons!
Hope all is well. Btw, today was 6 years since I was baptized! So much has happened. Let's catch up soon.


Chrystal Marie

Megan said...

Ahhh, Lisa! She has a baby now???

Alicia said...

I miss you, friend!