Tuesday, August 31, 2010


So here are some of our latest hilarious quotables, along with totally unrelated but cute pictures.

Taylor, upon discovering one of Rog's awesome messes (can't remember if it was food spilled, marker on the table, or toys dumped out...): "Rog, why did you make such a mess?!"

Rog: "'Cause I yike to!"

Blaine and Rog are both obsessed with stuffed animals. When I check on them before I go to bed at night, it's hard to find them in their beds because all of their plush friends are covering them. My favorite thing about this is that there are multiples of certain species and Blaine has come up with a way to distinguish between them. For example, we have Monkey and Monkey the Younger and Elephant and Elephant the Younger. Awesome.About a week ago Blaine appeared in our bed in the middle of the night. As always, he scooted close to me, and started to take my pillow. I lifted my head up, whined about my headache and how I couldn't sleep because Blaine was in my spot to a comatose Taylor, and flopped back down on my belly in desperation. Blaine, still mostly awake, quietly reached his arm up and proceeded to scratch my back for five minutes. It was pretty much the cutest thing ever. Warmed my heart and put me right to sleep.

Another morning, when I was complaining to Blaine that I was still tired he handed me his best friend, Monkey, and said, "Here Mom. Monkey always helps me sleep."
The other day in the car Blaine announced he is going to be an astronaut when he grows up. Taylor explained that he will have to learn a lot of math and go to a lot of school to be an astronaut. "Oh, I know a lot of math!" Blaine assured us. "Watch this! 1,2,3,4..." And on he went. So Taylor tried to stump him with story problems. "Blaine. Let's say there are 8 cookies and we have to share them with everyone in our family--me, Mom, you, and Rog. How many cookies can we each have?" Without a breath, Blaine shouts out, "2!" OK Blaine, to NASA you go!

A few days ago Blaine asked me the opposite of the word 'include.' I told him that it is 'exclude' and he wondered why it isn't 'unclude.' Anyway, I didn't know if he even understood, but then Saturday I asked Blaine to pick up all of the snuffed animals before he could paint. He came down the stairs announcing, "Mom, I cleaned up all of the animals, excluding Rog's monkey."


annie said...

Sounds like you have a smart little dude on your hands! Hope you're well!

families are forever said...

Very adorable!

Joan said...

P-R-O-D-I-G-Y child I am telling you! He is beyond words.
I will never forget (at ten o'clock at night in his car seat): "Mom, how do you say indigo in Chinese?"
That's when I openly confessed that I wasn't even sure what color indigo was!? haha. My children are doomed!

Me said...

Sounds as if you might be expecting.. tiredness, more tiredness. Sure signs of pregnancy. Also of being a mom to children, so I'm quite possibly wrong.

Katrina said...

what a smarty-pants! and the scratching the back thing is the cutest ever.

and I need to tell you congrats on the new babe! so happy for you!

Joan said...

New Post! New Post! New Post! :)
I am missing your voice...where are the baby bump updates?!

Joan said...

I've lost all hope...