Thursday, April 19, 2012

Easter Part 2: Traditional Hall/Cropper Egg Hunt at the Ranch

Today I am posting copious amounts of Easter pictures in three parts.

The Saturday before Easter we held our third annual Easter Egg Hunt at the Ranch. (I have grand visions for this tradition--thus the proper naming of it.)


handsome devil, isn't he?

the brothers Cropper

We hid 243 eggs. Excessive?



Carts, again

Grandpa Rog


Roger wore his sunglasses. Simon, his snow boots (I'd warned against possible mud.)

Katie came as a pioneer. I, as a rancher's daughter.


the children, and Mish, the dog

Yes, I took 150% more photos of Carter than anyone else.



monster teeth

with Nana

Note: The smartest thing I do every year? Fill eggs with real candy. Twix, Reeses PB cups, Snickers. No jelly beans or smarties here. Why? So the adults can snitch, of course!

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