Thursday, April 19, 2012

Easter Part 3: Easter at the Blue House

Today I am posting copious amounts of Easter pictures in three parts.

I love Easter! I think it is neck and neck with Christmas for my favorite. Spring is my favorite season--all of the little blossoms and bulbs so representative of new life. I love the spring colors, the warming air, the tulips popping up, the eating of asparagus and warm dinner rolls and everything else delicious. And most of all, I love going to church and singing "He is Risen!" with a million alleluias!

Taylor looked handsome as ever. Really, he is getting more handsome with age. Who knew that was possible? I dressed like an easter egg. And the boys wore new bow ties made by yours truly.


Danielle said...

Such a good looking family! And bravo to you for making all those cute bow ties! I am super impressed. I meant to make one for Ollie but never got around to it. They look darling on your boys!

Marlo said...

Bow ties = awesome.

Lorraine said...

Your boys are SOOOOO CUTE!!! And you are looking hotter than ever. Seriously.