Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday rituals + other thoughts

I've devised a new cleaning schedule for myself, so things get more than just tidy around here.  I've broken my home into areas and clean one area each day (as it turns out I have cleaning ADD so areas work better for me than chores--for example my back hurts after vacuuming one room and I only like to clean one toilet at a time).  But Monday's job? "WEEKEND RECOVERY."  You know what I'm talking about.  The laundry, the dishes, the major tidy up after a busy Saturday and carefree Sunday.

I love Monday mornings.  They represent a blank canvas--a fresh start.  After getting Blaine off to school, we come home, plop Carts in his high chair and turn up the itunes (Brandon Flowers and other New Wave Revivalists Taylor has downloaded) as loud as possible.  Roger and I dance and jump on my bed like crazy and then I start throwing in laundry, clearing dishes, and planning the week.  It is glorious.

Here's what's on my mind this Monday:
I'm about 2/3 through Stephanie Nielson's book, Heaven is Here.  Are you reading it?  If you thought you wouldn't buy it because you follow her blog and know her story, think again.  I've been following her every day for five years and I've been amazed at the details and feelings included in the book that I've never heard before.  What I love most in the book is the theme of understanding what true beauty is and all of the lessons about vanity, humility, love, and faith that tie in to that.  Here is my favorite bit so far:

"I missed my body in that moment and suddenly understood the gift a physical body is--even an injured body." (p. 143, Heaven is Here.)

I read that line over and over again and have been meditating on it all weekend.  I am trying to remember to be grateful for my body every minute.

Have a great Monday, dears.  And please know how much I loved and appreciated each of your comments following my last post.  It is such a blessing to have such wonderful people in my world.



jeanine said...

Yes, I read her book! I wasn't going to because I've been following her blog for years... but I ended up borrowing it from a friend. You are right... there are so many new details she included. I loved it! The thing I got from it was how Heavenly Father really does watch out for us and sends us little reminders of His love when we need them most.

brooke field said...

hi there, I saw a comment you left on stephmodo and noticed your name... my maiden name is Cropper so I thought I'd stop by to see if I knew you :)

Espana said...

Heaven Is Here is a frank, sobering memoir that tells the story of NieNie's life (as well as her cute husband, Christian) before the accident, during, and her long months of recovery after. Readers of her blog will probably enjoy it simply because it is a slightly more intimate and detailed look into her life, as well as much more insight into Nie's relationships with her family members. The first section leads us through her previous life, which she admits was a charmed and beautiful life. The book paints a crystal clear portrait of her family up into the crash.