Monday, May 7, 2012

Good news

1. My darling is finally home after 2 weeks in the Philippines and China. Holy cow I missed him.
2. I am home after a 46 hour dash to Seattle for Tay's cousin Helen's wedding. I had the greatest time ever and she was a beautiful bride.
3. I'm eating shrimp ceviche for 2nd breakfast. (pregnant. Don't judge.) Tay made it for the Cinco de Mayo (belated) potluck at work today. It is gooood.
4. My peony bushes are amazing this year! My biggest one has at least 30 buds. Dying of anticipation.
5. Ultrasound this afternoon. Stay tuned, y'all...

1 comment:

jkwareham said...

5 wonderfully splendid things! I am so excited to hear what sweet baby #4 is!