Monday, July 16, 2012

Provo Food

Here's something fun for all you Utahns.  My brother-in-law, Ian, who loves food almost as much as he loves his wife, started a food blog dedicated to guiding you to the best eateries in Provo and Utah Valley.  It's such a great resource and you can count on Ian to give you the real scoop!

A few examples...

Here's the photo that made me want to come for yet another Provo visit this year.

Here's the one that made me want to cry that we didn't stop for a molcajete last month.  (This place is so good-- if you haven't been there get in your car right now and get thee hence!)

And here's the one that made me think: That looks like happiness in a bite.

It's always fun to try a new restaurant, but such a disappointment when it doesn't deliver.  That's what I love about Ian's blog.  I trust his opinion on good food.  Check it out, bookmark it, put it in your reader.  And prepare to drool.



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